Improved Lighting with Canopy Lights

Gas stations serve people though the day and night. Although a service station may not be open to customers at night, self-serve gas stations allow customers to fill their cars with gas even at night. Because of this, it’s important for gas stations to have lighting that’s both efficient and also bright enough to make the stations safe.

Canopy lights are most common but not all canopy lights are created equal. For example, LED lighting is a new trend and many gas stations are turning to this option. There are a few reasons why this is a good choice for gas stations today.

Improved Light Levels and Appearance

Because of safety concerns, drivers are more likely to stop at a gas station that appears brightly lit, even if no one else is present. LED lights can have improved lumens without paying additional energy costs. Also, the LED lights have a white light that’s more attractive to the eye. The older neon-style lights have a yellow glare which tends to be less attractive. Helping customers feel safe will help gas stations improve their revenue just by changing out their older lights for the newer LED models. This will increase revenues even more for gas stations who are in an area where there’s a fair amount of competition and LED lights will help to stand out.

Additionally, the newer LED models are easy to install and don’t require expensive modifications in most cases. LED retrofits are available and, while they used to require box mounting or extensive installation methods, the newer options can be mounted in the existing canopy. This makes it easier and less expensive to install.

Lower Energy Bills

One of the reasons that station owners may not want to convert to LED is that their initial cost can be 20-70% higher than the cost of a neon system. However, this initial cost should not be prohibitive since the energy costs for LED lights are lower over time. The difference in cost will be recovered within 2-3 years in most cases. Additionally, neon systems break frequently and have higher repair costs. The cost savings will vary on a variety of factors but LED lighting can result in significantly lower costs over time.

Improved Marketing and Appeal

Customers today are concerned with energy savings, even from their local gas stations. If you have made the change, you can report reduced energy usage to your customers as a part of a marketing campaign. Many people will want to seek out these businesses to spend their money so businesses can also benefit from making the switch to neon by increasing their revenue.

When making the switch, it’s important to hire a good company that knows the lighting industry and can be relied on to do a good job. Tom Sawyer Construction has experience in the lighting industry. Learn more about them at their website: Their team can provide excellent advice for gas station owners interested in changing over their systems. When it’s time to make the switch, call them to get started.