Woodworkers have used wood planes for hundreds of years and the usage of these can be traced back to Roman era. Wood planes are of great interest to tool collectors and antique wood planes remain to be the most preferred among any other tools they use. For tool collectors, these possess immense value and they always want to make a genuinely antique wooden plane to their collection of tools. For this purpose, there are a lot of places where you can look for these planes, and one of the most popular are antique furniture stores.

Using online as well as offline resources, tool collectors can look at various varieties of antique wood planes. One of the most commonly used methods of spotting and selecting these is through catalogs and price guides, which feature detailed information about the pricing as well as other attributes of the wood planes. These planes are available in different species of wood and in different sizes and designs. When you are buying wood planes that are antique, it is important to bear in mind the purpose you want to utilize them for. The two most common types of planes are bench and block which measure between 14″-24″ and 3″-8″ in length respectively.

The price of antique wood planes varies with respect to how old they are and what quality of these you are purchasing. With regards to this, price of the planes can be one attribute that can help you determine the authenticity of the plane if you want it as a collector item. When it comes to collecting them, price also helps in determining the age of the antique plane. In terms of the identification of the planes that are unique, the material from which it is made is another aspect you can use.

The Antique Wood Planes are made with a wooden body and have an iron cutting edge. Bodies made of cast iron were used in planes for the first time in 1860. These aspects point towards the older antique planes, while use of other materials represent that the plane is newer. Considering the craftsmanship of the planes, you should look to check for any maker’s marks that may still be visible on the plane. The measurement of the plane is another aspect that points towards whether or not it is a unique. The original antique planes are mostly longer than the copied ones.