Family vacations are special occasions that are typically planned in advance and are of the utmost importance for every member. It is not easy for people to find a vacation destination that would please and excite every individual. However, with affordable travel packages it has become easier for people to travel to different places in the world at a reasonable cost. In addition, most vacation spots now provide a myriad of comforts and services that can make a vacation enjoyable. Some of the ideal friendly vacation spots for a memorable family vacation are:

Orlando, Florida

Orlando offers people a wide range of opportunities to ricochet through an adventurous and exciting itinerary of resorts, Disney amusements, dinosaurs and roller coasters. SeaWorld Orlando, Walt Disney World and, Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure provide some fantastic fun time for the family along with various interesting shoes and a complete ride galore.

New York City

New York is regarded as a perfect destination for families because it offers something for all ages. People can enjoy the landmarks, museums and zoos of the city as it offers endless choices. Reach the top of the Empire State Building by going through the elevator, take a boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty up close or go to Times Square for shopping with the family.

Paris, France

Kids of all ages will find the City of Lights very bright. There is an entire constellation of amazing sights in Paris that will live up to even the most outrageous fantasy. People should be prepared as they are bound to get dazzled by the wonders of Louvre, the elegant Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, the atmospheric Notre Dame and the thrilling Parc Asterix.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the best friendly vacation spots to be visited when you have a family in tow. It is teeming with attractions including the wonderful Shedd Aquarium, the zoo, riding along Lake Michigan, the fun offered by Navy Pier, all of which are very touristy.

London, England

London is regarded as a majestic destination because it offers the absolutely perfect and irresistible combo of history, atmosphere and thrills that are associated with a fast-paced city. This city will give you a spin from the London Eye to and the pomp of Buckingham Palace to the ghoulish London Tower.

Rome, Lazio

Even the most jaded teens will be impressed by the sights that are offered by the Italian capital. The delicious line of ice cream stops and the bone-decorated, ghoulish Santa Maria della make it a captivating getaway spot. Rome is bound to offer everyone something that’s truly unforgettable.

Barcelona, Catalonia

The whole family will find Barcelona to be a top choice because it is simply a winning combination of coastline, culture and a great climate. Along with various sights and numerous beaches, the city can be a lure for families looking for a fun summer.

San Diego, California, Bahamas, Caribbean, Dublin, Ireland are some other destinations that would appeal to a family and would be excellent spots for a family to enjoy some quality time together.