How to Tone Down a Sequin Dress

Regarded as a show stopping outfit, a sequin dress is usually saved to be worn on special and

important occasions. However, there are a lot of women out there who may feel a bit self-

conscious because of the sparkling sequins on their dress. In this case, they will be happy to

know that there are some things they can do for making the dress a bit low-key. Furthermore, it

isn’t necessary that you tone down your dress only when you wish to feel comfortable;

sometimes, you can also do so in order to wear a sequin dress on an occasion where it isn’t

expected. You can get a casual yet glamorous result as long as you choose the right dress and

pair it with understated pieces of jewelry.

If you are wondering how to tone down your sequin dress, you can read the instructions

mentioned here:

 Go Neutral

If you are looking to give off a suitable vibe, opt for a sequin dress in a neutral shade such as

black or ivory as they are subtle when compared to tangerine, hot pink or bright red sequins. If it

is an evening event, you can go for navy blue or black sequins whereas a light neutral color

would be excellent for day time. The most understated look is offered by sequins in cream, ivory

or white, but a low key look can also be achieved with sequins in a light color such as peach or

blush. The ensemble can be finished with simple drop earrings or rhinestone studs.

 Keep it Casual

When you want to add a dressed down look to a sequin dress, it should be paired with pieces

that give a casual feel. The ultimate casual fabric is denim and wearing it can tone down the

sequins bling instantly. Opt for knee-high suede boots or a denim jacket to create an outfit that

can be worn on a lunch with friends. A denim shirt can also be used and bangle bracelets or

metallic hoops can go well with it.

 Get Office Chic

If you work in a creative environment, pairing the sequin dress with a blazer is an excellent way

to tone it down and achieve a professional and polished look at the same time. You can create a

chic ensemble by adding simple stud earrings and knee high boots or leather pumps. Rather

than opting for a suit jacket, you can also create an office-ready and stylish look by pairing your

sequin dress with a tailored cardigan in a light or neutral color.

 Take Tights

Tights can be worn with your sequin dress in the winter or fall for achieving a casual look. A

textured pair can be selected in a dark neutral shade such as chocolate brown, navy, charcoal

or black. The tights and dress can be paired with loafers, boots or ballet flats rather than leather

pumps. If the sequin dress is short, it can be paired with dark leggings and worn as a tunic top

in this way.