Dandruff is a problem that almost everyone experience at least once in a lifetime. This problem can become easily visible, especially when people have dark hair. There are a multitude of dandruff products available in the market that can be used to eliminate the flaky and dead skin cells, but the problem is that the harsh chemicals in these products can irritate the skin of the scalp. In addition, these products are highly expensive and are not affordable by everyone. Therefore, people wish to have some simple remedies through which they can eliminate dandruff and keep their scalp clean and healthy.

Some of the effective ways in which dandruff can be reduced and expurgated are:

Aloe Vera Gel

Peeling and dry skin can be aided with the help of aloe Vera gel because it’s soothing and healing. It is also used for treating sunburns because it helps the skin in retaining its moisture. It is possible to purchase aloe Vera gel from a local drugstore or it the plant can also be bought by people and the pure gel can then be obtained from it. 10 minutes before people go to shower; they should apply a silver of aloe Vera gel on their scalp. The gel has to be kept on for at least ten minutes after which, it can be rinsed and hair can be shampooed. The scalp will be moisturized by the gel. This means that after shampooing, it will not become dry. If the case of dandruff is highly severe, the gel should be left overnight.

Olive Oil

A natural moisturizer, olive oil has the capability of seeping deep into the scalp. It can be found at a local grocery store. The kind of olive oil doesn’t matter, so people can choose the one that’s inexpensive. Use olive oil for saturating your scalp and hair completely and use a saran wrap for wrapping your head. The treatment should be left overnight and people can use a shower cap for covering their hair. Hair should be washed in the morning with the help of an anti-dandruff shampoo. After using olive oil, it is not necessary to condition your hair. A flake-free scalp can be maintained if olive oil is applied frequently.

Dietary Changes

An unhealthy diet is one of the most primary reasons of dandruff amongst young people of today. Therefore, a change in diet can reduce dandruff in hair in a natural manner. Processed and fast foods are the major culprit of dandruff. They should be avoided and instead, replaced with fruits and vegetables. Likewise, people should also increase their daily water intake. This provides the scalp with plenty of moisture and keeps it hydrated. Flakes and dryness can be prevented through a high level of dehydration.

Washing Frequently

Dandruff can be eradicated quickly by changing shampoo habits. Wash your hair daily and lather on shampoo twice. This washes away the irritated flaky skin and cleans the scalp. Dandruff can also be treated by adding several teaspoons of lime juice, vinegar or apple cider to your shampoo and then using it.