How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

Bed bugs are very tiny bugs that mostly attack the humans at night during their sleep and live on their blood. A bed bug spends full 5 minutes sucking the blood from humans and after that it goes back to its hiding place. In the morning their bites are discovered when the bitten person scratches the skin and notices red bumps. Cluttered rooms are their favorite places to live and crevices and small holes in the walls are their best hiding places.

In the middle of 20th century the infestation had gone high but with time it was taken over. The recent complaints have started to come in the past decade. The high rise in their infestation has been noticed in US and many poultry farms have been alleged for spreading the bed bugs. The most natural method for getting rid of them is not a very welcoming one for humans. This natural method is to let the other natural bugs and creeping bugs in house to take care of bed bugs.

For example, lizards, spiders and cockroaches are considered the enemies of bed bugs but no one would want to use them as a remedy since they too aren’t much loved by humans. However, the bed bugs itch can get so severe that people can start suffering from sleeplessness.

Now the question is, “what to do about bed bugs?” You wouldn’t want to think of leaving it be and expecting them to go away because they won’t. The bites will only increase if you are not paying attention to getting rid of them. There are natural methods to get rid of them and applying these methods should not be a big hassle since there is nothing dearer at night than a sound sleep.

So here are 5 methods to get rid of bed bugs in a natural and harmless way:

1.    Wash Everything Possible

The first method is the easiest and the most common too. Just wash all that you have on your bed i.e. bed sheet, comforter, blankets, mattress etc. with hot water. High temperature is the biggest enemy of bed bugs so make sure to wash every piece of fabric, pillow and mattress covers, bed sheets, comforters and blankets with hot water. Dry them well under sunlight before using them again.

2.    Give the Bed Bugs a Sun-Death Treatment

Using plastic bags to seal your items such as bed sheets, mattresses, blankets, comforters, pillow covers and other smaller items can also be a great way to get rid of the bed bugs. Take big plastic bags and put the items in them and seal them tight. To make it even more effective, put the plastic bags under direct sunlight. The bed bugs in this case will suffocate to death and the heat will add to their misery since they hate sunlight and heated environment. However, don’t deem that your thermostat is going to help you much here.

3.    Steaming

Steaming is considered as one of the best and most cost effective methods for killing bed bugs in no time. Vacuum your bedding and all the items in the room well before starting the steaming process. Use a steamer and when it has reached a temperature of around 120o Celsius, steam the areas wherever you suspect the presence of bed bugs. Along with your bedding items, also steam the nooks and crannies of the walls in the room. Steam is the relentless enemy of these bed bugs and their eggs too.

4.    Vacuuming 

Vacuuming with a powerful machine with a hose is another very effective method but it will require some dedication and devotion from you since the vacuuming needs to be done on your bedding items, upholstery items and the carpets. You have to thoroughly clean every corner, fabric, upholstered item and rug in your room slowly to make sure you have covered every inch. Once you have vacuumed the area you will get rid of whatever is in your vacuum cleaner in a plastic bag so to suffocate the bed bugs even more. Throw this bag away after sealing it tight to ensure no insect or bug comes out of it.

5.    Insecticides

Use a natural insecticide to get rid of them and to make things safer for yourself too. These insecticides, made from natural ingredients and compounds, are harmless to humans so you don’t have to be worried about your family and children’s safety.

Lastly, make sure that you keep your rooms free from clutter. Let some sunlight enter your room regularly and clean your bedding items regularly too. Perform regular vacuuming in the room and make sure the small holes, cracks and crevices in the walls have been properly caulked.