Developing apps for the mobile phone is a business rapidly getting popular and is considered to be the most profitable business. This is true because according to a survey it is proven that apps development is a business of high scale. Apps distributors help the apps company to advertise and sell their products. So, they have a share in the price of the product. Below is some detail of mobile apps sales and downloading from different distributors:

  • If we talk about the eBay, it has earned $600 million in 2009 while it reached $2 billion in 2012.
  • Debenhams introduced android and Nokia apps and they earned £1M within the time of just 5 months of its launch and its downloading reached to 360, 000.
  • Apple apps store opened on July 10 2008 and till the time January 2011, the apps downloading helped it make 10 billion USD. Apple app stores have even more than 700,000 apps available on their store and have 30 billion app download from their app stores.
  • Blackberry app world is app store for Blackberry mobile phones. They are having the revenue of $9,166.67 per app as compared to the apple and the android having $6,480 and $1,200 respectively.
  • Google play is offering 700,000 apps and the number of application downloads reached to the 25 billion till 2012.

This was a simple review but things are much more critical and data is very high. Every mobile user wants to approach the original mobile apps. They want exact app for their mobile, but a huge expulsion in the field of apps development makes it difficult for an inexperienced person or a new person to reach the original app. There are some tips to get access to the original app:

  1. Firstly check the number of downloads of the mobile apps. A well known and original app has a good number of downloads. If a product has less than 100 downloads, you must think about it. 
  2. Be sure that the apps developing company is not using template as compared to the original one.
  3. The slandered apps have long time upgrade facility. The closed off apps are not reliable because they are not able to meet the requirement of the approaching time.
  4. Try to use the apps of an app company which has made a good repute and is believed to work creatively and adjust the product according to users’ budget. Some companies work quantitatively and not pay attention on quality. This is good for them not for the user.
  5. Try to have some cross platform mobile applications. Cross platform means the apps which can work on more than one type of operating systems.

The Apps development is a new step of success in the progress of various companies. New minds and new ideas of the developers help introduce new apps every day in the app stores. There are many companies that come up with revolutionary apps very now and then. If you make a little effort, you can always easily find original apps for your phone.