Infertility of course can be an extremely sensitive problem to fight with. There are thousands of men and women who are affected by infertility every year and there is nothing to feel embarrassed about. It is just a medical problem that like many others can be treated. Even if facing infertility for a long time, there may still be chances of getting pregnant.

Finding Out the Root of the Problem

To accurately find out the reason of infertility and non pregnancy, there is a need to know who from the woman is man is infertile. This would be a first step towards the solution of the problem. Women and men both can have several problems that reduce the chances of pregnancy or cause infertility. In men, the problems may be sperm impediment, low count of sperms, higher age or chronic infections. For women, there can be a lot of infections which reduce their chances of getting pregnant, e.g. depleted progesterone layers, low ovarian stockpile, disorders of ovulation, or other issues. A specialist or a doctor can accurately determine the exact cause of a lack in pregnancy factors.


When the exact problem of infertility is determined, there are a variety of natural and medical treatments available. It is entirely up to the couples to choose a treatment for themselves that not only suits their lifestyle, but also increase the women’s chances of getting pregnant. Some methods that can help women’s pregnancy and eliminate infertility are:

Medicines – Most frequently used treatment of infertility in both women and men is medication prescribed a specialist. Considering the exception of chronic infections and higher age, there are medicines that have helped a lot of women in achieving the state of pregnancy. Such medications can treat many problems that are related to infertility and can increase the chances of pregnancy. A very important thing to consider with these medicines is that these come with side effects for which women might need to use some additional medicines.

In Vitro – This process has successfully been used since 1981 in United States and has helped a lot of couples giving a successfully pregnancy to women. Through this process, an egg is taken and is fertilized in a controlled environment. As soon as the egg is finely fertilized, it is set in the woman’s uterus.

ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) – This procedure is often used to treat the male infertility. In this process, sperm is injected directly into the egg.

Herbal treatments – There are a lot of herbs and herbal medicines that Naturopaths use to increase women’s chances of getting pregnant.

Acupuncture – It is another substitute technique to treating issues with pregnancy. This process has gained reputation, because of its efficiency. This conventional type of Chinese medical procedure involves insertion of thin needles at particular points of human body. In Chinese medical science, it is believed that this procedure balances the body’s energies and makes it work properly. This, as per them, too can increase the chances of pregnancy.