clean groutIt may sound strange but it’s true – the bathroom, in which we maintain overall health to be clean and healthy, is a room, very dirty and filled with toxins. If you don’t take any action you risk to develop a seemingly unexplainable health problems, as well as being pushed to unexpected costs to repair the bathroom. The bathroom is a place where your day both starts and ends. But because of the moisture and heat is a favorite refuge of countless bacteria, dangerous for your health. You can banish bacteria from the bathroom with a few proven tricks.

When cleaning the grout you can rely on  ecological methods. Yes, there are strong chemicals that can do you the work, but it will be less expensive and more healthy for you and your family’s respiratory system. Either way the choice is up to you and depends on your priorities.

Here are some instructions from First Class Cleaner for cleaning the grout like new that are easy and accessible for everyone. Before starting to scrub pour the tiles in the bathroom with hot water. Let the accumulations on the tiles and especially on the grout to soften for around five minutes and then you are ready to go. Here you can choose between strong detergents and natural classic recipes with vinegar, dissolved in water and soda water.

Another method is to mix two tablespoons saleratus in one hundred ml. liquid soap. The abrasive properties of baking soda will replace the strong chemicals in the preparations and will vanish the dirt out of the grout on your tiles. Apply the mixture, rub with a sponge and rinse with warm water.

Deposits on the tiles and into the grout big quantity of bacterias and moisture favors the retention of mold. Mold is another distributor of harmful microorganisms. To solve these problems you better use squeegees or clean sponge with disinfectant. Spray and blot. Remove mildew with a solution of equal parts bleach and water. Apply with sprayer and

leave for around half an hour to work. After that you can wipe with a sponge or scrub with a rougher brush.

The grouts of the tiles may be dirty for different reasons: lime, moisture, mold, residual detergents, fat droplets and soot. Cleaning them may be difficult but at least possible. You’ll need small brush or sponge, a cleaner, steam cleaner, chemicals with waterproof paints, waterproof latеx paint and fine sandpaper. If the grout between the tiles are gray and dirty apply a small brush, a toothbrush for example, with detergent – Silit, Cif or others. After ten minutes clean the tiles with water and dry. If the contamination continues to persist this is a fungus and is difficult to formulated detergents. An alternative for chemical compounds can be sodium bicarbonate, diluted lemon juice, table vinegar, mustard, toothpaste, ammonia or fine table salt.

Steam Cleanser is another proven way for cleaning grout like new. Spout steam generator should be directed at the seams , cleaning with hot steam. Then the dirt should be cleaned with water and dry. Fungus and dirt can be cleaned out of grout of tiles using fine sandpaper.  It removes the top layer of limewater and contamination as well.

Bleach solution with water makes wonders when it comes to the grout. It’s a cheap disinfectant  for grout, where mold and bacteria tend to be postponed, as this is a place to collect and remain damp. Using protective glasses and gloves is a good idea to guarantee that your eyes and hands remain protected from harmful effects of excessive contact with bleach. Avoid using acid cleaners for the grouts between the separate tiles for the bathroom. They can corrode it over the time.

As a whole a combination of chemical products with ingredients every housewife has in her home is best to do the job of cleaning the grout like new. Either one or the other method often is not enough.