How to Calm Cats

There are a variety of factors that cause a cat to behave in a manner that’s scared, anxious or simply on edge. They can vary for every cat and range from simply wanting attention to traveling to being around new pets or people or just because of visiting a veterinarian. There are several things that people can do for controlling the situation and for helping the cat in calming down and relaxing. If your precious cat is engaging in any persistent or unusual behavior or is meowing up a storm, these are the steps on how to calm cats, which can help:

1-    Give the cat frequent attention. Lonely and attention seeking cats often start acting out because their owners tend to become ignorant. Thus, in order to force attention, cats may start misbehaving. The cat will not seek out any form of negative attention if you go out of your way to give it the attention it wants. Play with your cat on a daily basis for at least 15 minutes to keep it satisfied. Let the cat sleep in your lap and pat its head while doing so.
2-    Make use of catnip. This is an aromatic and perennial herb that’s used on cats because it has relaxing and soothing capabilities. It is usually given to cats with their favorite toys and in meals as well. Catnip is a harmless herb and when the cat smells it; it plays the role of a stimulant. However, it works as a sedative when it is consumed by a cat. The herb should be mixed in with the food if you wish to calm your hyper cat naturally.
3-    Spray or neuter your cat. Cats often become aggressive, energetic and loud because of mating rituals. The possibility of these behaviors can be reduced if your spray or neuter your cat. Cats in heat are often known to exhibit some typical behaviors, which include territorial urine spraying, sparring with other cats and piercing and high crying sounds. When the cat is 6 to 9 months old, the cat should be taken to the veterinarian for spraying or neutering.
4-    Spray that comprises of analogue pheromones should be used. For cats that are behaving in an aggressive manner can be calmed effectively with this spray technique. Just like cat facial pheromones, this all-natural spray can be very helpful in deceasing aggressive behavior and can promote relaxing and calming. This can be sprayed over your walls, car upholstery, furnishings and doors.
5-    Use things that remind of you for comforting your cat. This comfort might be needed by the cat if it’s acting out because of loneliness. Use an unwashed or worn sweatshirt and place it in the cat’s bed. When cats feel neglected or alone, they become loud and persistent and this can be very helpful in calming them down.

Noisy and aggressive cats are not exactly adorable, which is why pet owners want to calm their cats down. These steps can be very useful in relaxing the cat and  keeping them calm.