How Social Media Used by Celebrities for Building Brand

Anyone who has a social media account, whether it is Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, follows their favorite celebrities. People are interested in learning about the stars, their personal lives, their routines and other similar stuff. It hasn’t taken celebrities long to identify the power they can wield on social media in this way. As a matter of fact, a number of celebrities achieved their status through social media alone. But, how do they do it? If you want to know how social media is used by celebrities for building their brand, you can follow the tips below:

Treating their fans like their pals

One of the biggest ways celebrities take advantage of social media for building their brand is by engaging with their fans in an informal manner. Using Instagram or Twitter gives them a chance to talk to their fans and followers in a relatively safe environment. People love talking to their beloved stars and even a small action like a retweet can make them go crazy. But, not all interactions on social media are positive. Some celebrities also get into fights and arguments with haters, but even that works in their favor because all publicity is good publicity and it gets people talking about them.

Doing some self-promotion

Social media is a great platform for self-promotion and the best part is that doing so doesn’t require a lot of effort. Celebrities can stay in the public eye through status updates, daily tweets and photos. A number of them use several platforms for keeping their fans updated about their activities to ensure they are reaching as many people as possible. They detail their activities, their future plans and any upcoming shows to keep their fans in the know. Not only does this keep the followers interested, it also increases their exposure because their fans are most likely to share things with their friends.

Making themselves relevant

A few years ago, everyone understood what it meant to be a ‘washed up’ celebrity. Once you were out of the game or not getting the exposure you once did, people forgot about you, but not anymore. Social media has changed everything. Celebrities that fall out of favor of the audience can get back their popularity through their social media presence. For instance, actors and actresses who are not getting any good roles can still stay in touch and keep themselves in the spotlight through their social media activities. They can share their current projects, even if they are not big ones and establish a strong and interesting personality to keep the audience engaged.

Changing public opinion

Celebrities are also human beings. Therefore, it is a given that they will also make mistakes or commit a faux pas that may cause them to fall out of favor. Social media can help in this situation as well because celebrities can use it for rebuilding their brand. They can issue a public apology, explain why they did what they did and then atone for their actions in a public manner. Whether it works or not will depend on what they have done. But, in most cases, it can give promising results because humble celebrities are easily forgiven by fans.

Hiring smart social media managers

What a lot of people don’t know is that celebrities don’t always use their social media. A majority of them hire social media managers on their behalf and there are several reasons behind this. First, sometimes they have crazy schedules and don’t always have the time to post updates. If they don’t post regularly, their fans and followers will become disappointed. Another reason for hiring managers is that they are able to respond in a more diplomatic manner as compared to the celebrities themselves. As mentioned earlier, celebrities are also human so they may end up making an inappropriate remark that could lead to a lot of backlash. Using managers can prevent them from putting something like this out there, which is great for their brand.

Other than these ways, celebrities also use social media for promoting their own interests. Some are paid for every Tweet or post and others market the products or services they have introduced.