How Much Should Your Personal Injury Attorney Cost

When it comes to hiring a lawyer for a personal injury, there are many things to consider. Most people’s main concern is typically the cost. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer for this. When you break it down into different costs, you can deduce how much you should pay for your lawyer’s services. To help you answer the question of how much your personal injury attorney should cost, we have put together the fees that you should expect. With a little preparation, you can determine what a fair cost would be for your unique case.

Types Of Attorney Fees

Before figuring out how much your personal injury attorney should cost, you should first understand the types of fees lawyers charge. Usually, attorneys like the Barnes Firm will offer a free consultation to learn about your case. There are contingency fees, hourly fees, and upfront costs. Additional fees and expenses may also be charged. Some lawyers pick and choose certain fees they will charge based on the case. Others will ask a for retainer to cover all of the costs. Look into the types of fees a lawyer charges before you consider using them as your personal injury attorney.

Contingency Fees

Most personal injury attorneys charge based on a contingency fee. A contingency fee plan is when a lawyer defends you in court and takes a percentage of the money received for settlement. This amount hovers around one-third of the monetary settlement. If you hire a lawyer who charges contingency fees, you only pay this portion if you win the case. You typically do not need to pay your lawyer anything if the case is lost. Typically, an experienced team will agree to reasonable contingency fees if you have a strong case. Since most personal injury attorneys charge based on a contingency fee, it is important to know the exact percentage your lawyer expects to receive if you win the case.

Hourly Fees

If your lawyer does not charge a contingency fee, he or she will charge you at an hourly rate. A typical hourly rate for a personal injury attorney can be between $100 and $400 per hour. However, the price can go up for specialized cases like a motorcycle accident. The higher or lower end of this spectrum depends on a lawyer’s experience. Be wary that if you hire a lawyer who charges hourly, you will have to pay regardless if you win or lose the case. As a result, many personal injury attorneys do not charge an hourly fee since contingency fees can be much more palatable to their clients. If you hire an attorney who charges hourly, be sure to know how much time they expect to work on your case to get a cost estimate.

Retainer Fee

Some attorneys ask for upfront costs, known as a retainer fee. Retainer fees vary from lawyer to lawyer. A rough estimate for a retainer fee for lawyers who charge an hourly rate is five times their hourly charge. Otherwise, lawyers who charge on contingency usually do not ask for a large amount of money upfront. This is due to the understanding that those who are filing for personal injury often are strapped for money. If you hire a lawyer who charges a retainer fee, be sure to know how much they will charge.

Additional Fees

No matter what your attorney charges, be sure to know about any additional fees. Some lawyers charge extra for additional investigation of your case. Other lawyers may charge fees for travel expenses. Additionally, you may have to pay court charges or documentation fees. Be sure to know exactly how much your attorney expects to charge you, before you fall into a plethora of additional fees. As you can imagine, there are plenty of legal fees that could drive up the cost of the personal injury attorney services.

Cost is an important consideration to make when hiring your personal injury attorney. Remember, certain lawyers may charge based on their past record of success. The costs will vary from lawyer based on the pricing structure. For certain cases, it might be best to choose a contingency based fee. In other cases, it could be worthwhile to pay hourly or with a retainer. In all cases, pay attention to the additional legal fees. Look into all the fees that go into an attorney’s price point for your case. This is the best way to understand how much your personal injury attorney should cost.