How Efficient Gate Management System Is In Tracking Inventory’s Movement

Track inventory using material gate management system is very important for businesses whether it is an industry, hotel, or a factory. This is because the system of these kinds plays an indispensable role in the overall maintenance of business operations and profitability.

If an industry, factory or an organization has the task of moving the material in and out of the business premise, then it becomes of paramount requirement to implement gate management system that simplifies the movement process and keeps an accurate record of inflow and outflow of the material.

Material gate management system VS Visitors management system

Material gate management system is accurate and not subject to errors that could have been made if the management of materials is carried out solely by humans. Unlike visitors management system that keeps track of movement of people in and out of large IT parks, hotels, schools, health care industries, it is different and serves a different purpose. Material gate management application is programmed to monitor the flow of items out of facilities and when it is automated the whole process of tracking movement becomes very simplified and minimizes loss.

Efficiency of Material gate management system

The material gate management system is very efficient in providing security. By installing gate management system specifically for inventory movement reduces the risk of loss of materials and preventing unregulated access to carry materials from the facilities. Any unauthorized person taking the material out on a regular basis can be prevented as the system scans the outgoing material before it is being taken out and whenever strange occurrences are observed it is configured to perform an increased reporting and emails are sent to appropriate authorities to look in the situation.

Safety of business facilities and materials

Business facilities are safe with material gate management system. Both small and large amounts of materials can be monitored by the gate management system; it is configured to perform effective tracking of inventory and then produce reports that can be reviewed by a designated employee.

Material management system enhances security by collecting visitor’s data matching it with the materials of the visitor. It also generates gate pass for contract workers that comes with their photographs, fingerprints along with a barcode. It maintains security by generating a variety of reports. With the management system, unwanted visitors, laborers, and contract workers can be blacklisted; meetings can be regulated for these workers, and the confirmation sent to appropriate officers through email or SMS so the visiting workers can be granted access to the facility.

How exactly material gate management system functions

  • There are different stages in material management; the initial stage is the point where queries can be made. It is where the pass is created for visitors. At this stage, authentication, authorization, and printing of gate pass are done. Gate passes can also be configured with expiry date at this point. Internal deliveries are entered and request of materials and approvals can be done at this point.
  • The next phase after queries are carried out is the stage where approvals are issued. Tracking of material is continued at this phase and approvals from employees are granted at this point for gate pass requests that have been issued earlier. These approvals can be generic or sorted into different categories and the time and data of the employee that processes the approval are also recorded and stored.
  • Management of material is incomplete without a system that monitors dispatches. Dispatched materials from the facility can be monitored at this phase while the entire process is supervised by the organization’ employee. Acknowledgments and authentication of gate pass that have been issued at previous points are performed at this point and the reports generated can be sent to a branch of the company. This dispatch acknowledgment can be reviewed or canceled from this point, and further clarification can be requested as well here. If the request clears, the employee approves the pass and the data and time are collected along with the material pass information.
  • The final phase in monitoring materials is where returns can be received. Both partial and non-returnable dispatches can be reviewed at this point. The materials can be checked for approval by a designated employee, and a report is generated along with the status of returned materials and the details of the employee that processed the returns.