How ANPR Increases the Chances of Recovering Stolen Vehicles

Today, when the technology is consistently evolving, it is hard to maintain a track of the various crimes and thefts which are taking place. Especially when it pertains to vehicle theft, it is normally very difficult to hunt down vehicles, which are stolen suddenly, and they can never be easily recovered. ANPR is the technology invented in 1976 in UK by police scientific development branch. This technology is also known as Automatic Vehicle Identification or even as NPR. UK police recovered first recovery of stolen vehicle in 1980 with the help of using the scanned images of ANPR software as proof of evidence.

The vehicle number recognition system increases chances of recovering stolen vehicles as it could check as well as verify database often faster when compared to a manual method. ANPR is used for maintaining the security of vehicles and to keep a track of them.

ANPR systems are installed at every traffic light, road toll tax collecting stops and on entranced and exit of automatic parking’s. All Police stations and department of defense use ANPR systems. In UK, ANPR is also known as MANPR which is used to identify stolen and unidentified or unregistered vehicles.

Automatic number plate recognition character reorganization software scans very fast the number of vehicle number plates and stored it in database by capturing the scanned image of the number plate with an image of the vehicle. This database has proven very useful for police or patrolling teams to control crime and to trace the vehicles that are stolen by thieves. ANPR database detected license plate number into the internal ‘ Black List/White List” database  or other databases using web services integration and send real time  alerts on wanted cars detected;

ANPR systems number plate and sends database to the control room and the police has direct access to this database that is used to locate the latest position of the stolen vehicle and police or patrolling station of that area and on the bases of the location of the vehicle police easily recovers the stolen vehicle within very short time.

The automatic number plate recognition system works by clicking photograph of the number plate of even fast moving car and through special software comparing the auto registration with the database and if that vehicle number is registered in the police station as a missing or stolen vehicle in the list of the missing vehicles then staff who is in the control room of ANPR informs the police station of that area or traffic police to follow that stolen car on the same track where thief driving it and after chasing the vehicle police at last finds the vehicle and after taking charge of the vehicle from the thief  and hand over the charge of the recovered vehicle to the owner of the vehicle.

Automatic number plate recognition camera not only reads the number on the number plate of the vehicle but also capture images of the car and the driver if the identification of the driver is done as the thief then police stop that vehicle and take charge of the vehicle and arrest the thief .