How a Man Cares for His Furnace

Back in the day, man built fires inside his cave to keep warm. Today, man needs a slightly different approach to keep the coldness of these Denver, CO winters at bay. Luckily, his fiery instinct tends to take over when it comes to his furnace.

Taking good care of your furnace doesn’t only make you seem more macho and competent, it’s smart and cost-efficient, also. Many guys in Denver will end up needing a full furnace replacement because they haven’t given it the attention and care it deserves.

So don’t be that guy. Here are some simple ways you can fan the flames of your ancestors and keep your Denver furnace repairs to a cost-effective minimum.

First, make sure you’re giving your furnace a good ol’ fashion cleaning every now and then. But before you do, make sure the power is turned completely off (this includes all connected circuits) and check for any gas leaks. If you happen to find a gas leak, don’t turn anything back on, exit your home, and call a Denver heating service immediately. If everything checks out, you can begin your cleaning. Dirt and grime are the quickest ways to losing heat and money. Wipe down the blower and motor, and be sure to change out the filter usually once a month during the cold season.

Second, if you have a gas furnace, and the pilot light goes out due to a gusty draft, consult the manufacturer’s handbook and follow it’s directions to a T, as to be safe. Or, you could contact your local Denver heating service at and a skilled heating technician will be right over to help (remember, there’s no harm in needing help—safety ALWAYS comes first).

Third, check your vents. If your gas furnace’s ventilation system is getting clogged up with dust and dirt, that’s a big problem. Remove the vents’ covers and vacuum out their insides first, then take a large brush and give your vents a hearty scrub down.

So there you go. Some tips on taking care of your man cave’s modern fire. And remember, in addition to your regular maintenance, your furnace should have a yearly check up by a Denver heating service. Visit for a free quote on a tune up, or a Denver furnace repair or replacement.