How a Leaflet Distribution Team Can Benefit Your Business

Leaflet distribution is a proven and effective method of campaigning. Fast food chains and restaurants rely on leaflets to spread information about their menu. Politicians have been relying on leaflet campaigns for decades now too. They’re used time and time again because they work. They’re a form of direct marketing but not an intrusive one like telemarketing. The leaflets are usually put through a letterbox and if they’re eye catching people will see them when they collect their mail. Some people might ignore them but that’s a risk of any marketing strategy. If it looks good enough then people won’t be able to just pass it over and not take anything in.

The Leaflet Distribution Team is a UK based company that specialise in designing, printing, and distributing leaflets. Leaflets are a great form of guerrilla marketing, or marketing on a budget while still having the same reach. The minimum amount of leaflets that the Leaflet Distribution Team will make is 5000 meaning that your campaign will reach at least 5000 people. It has the potential to be huge if those people pass on your leaflet or just the information. They work for small companies to larger ones and have worked for companies including Dominos, the top of the line pizza chain, who gave them top reviews.

The process of leaflet distribution is a simple one. You go to the Leaflet Distribution team’s website and use their free online tool to get a quote for how much it’s going to cost for your scheme. Select how many leaflets you would like printed, the size of the leaflet and type of paper, and lastly if you need them to make a design for you or if you have one ready yourself. Needing them to make a design will obviously impact the time it takes to start your campaign and increase the cost. When you’re done with everything and you’re happy with the price, you can order your campaign online to save both time and money.

The Leaflet Distribution Team has talented designers on their team as well as talented distributors. They can make an eye catching design for you and ensure that as many people as possible see your leaflet. As long as it has enough information on it that will be enough. The Leaflet Distribution Team pride themselves on their dedication to five principles; honesty, trust, fairness, reliability, and hard work. They make sure to work hard and give you exactly what they promised.

Leaflet distribution really does work. It’s cheaper than a lot of other types of marketing too so it’s a good investment for a small time business or an individual who wants to get the word out there as best as they can for as little as they can. The Leaflet Distribution Team will take care of all your designing, printing, and distributing needs, leaving you to focus on your business and all the new business you’ll be doing thanks to a great marketing campaign. Visit their website today and see what they can do for you.