Highlighting Techniques for Long Hair

Low lights, panels and chunks; oh my! With the variety of highlighting techniques out there, it is often hard to keep them all straight and make a choice. It’s tough to choose which one will prove to be just right for your hair. You need to brush up on your highlighting 101 if you are puzzled and confused regarding the latest trends being followed. Keep the below mentioned techniques for long hair in mind in order to make a smashing choice:

Skinny Highlights

The most requested type of highlights is those that are barely there; the key to have simply naturally colored highlights is to ask your stylist to create absolutely super-thin highlights on your entire head. Dark blond is the most recommended base color for such highlights and the highlights themselves should not be more than one level lighter than the base color that has been selected, as long as people want to see the best results.

Tone on Tone

A perfect blond hue can also be created by women when they decide to complement their tone-on-tone blond hair color with strategically placed low lights. There are often cases where ladies have these highlights for so long that their darker and natural color fades away entirely. Overly blond hair can be livened up by introducing some color and depth in them. All you have to do is ask your stylist to add a mixture of darker and lighter highlights and lowlights into your natural and existing hair color.


Ombre is a technique that uses bleach on brown hair for transforming the ends of the hair gradually to a lighter blond shade. One can even create this look on their own. People should paint bleach halfway down the length of their hair and use a 20-volume developer sparsely. The farther you move down the hair length, the more hair should be covered by the bleach application until you have reached the ends. The hair should be lifted about three of four shades and then washed and rinsed properly.

Big and Bold

The thick and light technique can come in handy when you are after a bold highlighted look. As compared to the base color, thick strips of hair are highlighted three to four levels lighter, which will give the top surface of the hair a very striped look. This technique requires the use of hair foils for separating small chunks of hair at an even distance and then coating them with the color that’s lighter than the base shade and also a 30-volume developer. It can be rinsed after half an hour.

The Color Purple

You can give your hair a splash of purple with this technique and it is definitely a great way for playing with color, especially when you don’t wish to make a drastic change or commitment to a permanent change in hair color. Pink, purple and blue are the popular color choices and can give vibrant and vivid results.

You can easily highlight your hair and give them a different look with any of the aforementioned techniques.