Here’s Why Milk Has Turned into Your Enemy

One of the most powerful foods on earth is milk. It has just about everything that your body needs. This is the reason a baby grows up so fast on just one dietary item i.e. milk. Furthermore, there are hundreds of thousands of products prepared from milk. Talk about cheese, yogurt, cream, butter, etc. and they all come from milk. In addition to that, ice creams, cakes, pastries, etc. contain dairy product in one form or the other in them. However, some people are not lucky enough to enjoy dairy products like others do. Probably, you are one of these people.

So, milk does not seem to like you based on the reaction that takes place right after you use milk or milk-based product. What you eat as a delicious treat with your family, friends, and relatives, ends up being stomach ache, diarrhea and bloating for you. If you are having these symptoms every time you drink milk or eat a product based on it, you might have lactose intolerance. Milk contains a lot of lactose in it. Your digestive system is supposed to break down lactose, which is a form of sugar. However, your gut does not have enough of the enzyme that can break down this sugar.

As a result, when you eat or drink anything that contains a lot of lactose, you end up with a bloated belly and various other issues with your digestive system. This condition is more common in the world than you might imagine. However, it is not a serious condition so a lot of people end up ignoring it. Yes, it is true that some people live with it while also enjoying their favorite milk-based products. However, things can get serious in certain situations. It is best that you talk to a doctor if you think that the symptoms in your body point to lactose intolerance.