Here's Where Reality Television Gets Real Estate Wrong

Watching real estate shows is both entertaining and addicting.

I mean, look how easy is to find the house of your dreams!

But many people’s expectations differ from reality. Most buyers spend more than a few minutes on a big decision.

They take many things to take in consideration, including roof leaks, pipes, and all potential expenses.

You won’t see that part of the process on shows like “Love It or List It” or “House Hunter”.

Some buyers even go as far as looking under the carpet. Every detail is important—even floors!

Even though watching real estate reality shows is entertaining, it’s important to remember that they are a bit far off from reality.

These are our top 5 myths from real estate shows.

5. You Only Need to See 3 Houses to Make a Decision

On average, buyers look at 10 houses before they make a decision.

Ask yourself, would you want to see only 3 houses when your savings are at stake?

Most buyers what to see as many houses as possible before they take the big decision.

4. The House is Still For Sale

What most viewers don’t know is that the buyers picked the house before filming the tv show.

That means that someone might already own the other 2 houses that they tour.

3. The Buyers Haven’t Picked the House Yet

Filming a tv show takes time. However, most people would not agree to put their homes on hold until the buyers on the TV show make their decision.

Besides, the buyers need some time to determine if the house is a good fit before going on camera.

You can’t decide what home is right for you within a few minutes. They most likely made the decision before filming.

2. The absence of a checklist

Most buyers have certain expectations.

They want to avoid expenses, or they want the house of their dreams to have certain features. However, in a real estate tv shows checklists are never present.

The buyers walk into the house and after a few minutes of looking around, they decide if they want the house or not.

Looking around the house doesn’t suffice. Often, buyers have many questions for the real estate agent.

1. The Real Estate Agent Plays a Small Role

Perhaps the biggest myth is that the real estate agent isn’t a fountain of information for the potential buyer.

A real estate agent knows the home better than the buyer.

An agent makes it is easier to calculate potential expenses and the real value of the house. He or she can also help you weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of buying it.

The agent knows how old the piping systems, what changes were made in the past, what issues the home had, and many other exclusive details.

Wrapping Up

If you are searching for a home, don’t let shows fool you.

The process can often be long and complicated, and the real estate agent is an important piece of the puzzle. Without him or her, you won’t know much about the home you are buying.

Real estate TV shows are fun to watch, but they don’t reflect the real buying process.

If you are trying to buy or sell a home and you have no idea how to get started, you can take a look at a real estate blog for help.