Healthy Food Trends for 2014

For most, January and the New Year equal an attempt at a new diet, trying the latest detox and the hottest new super food. While there are many diets all claiming to be the ‘only diet you need’, a lot of these are just crazes and aren’t a healthy or enjoyable way to get healthier and lose weight if these are your goals. We have looked into some of the incoming food trends for 2014. So ditch the diet and instead add some of these healthy foods into your diet for an instant boost.

Super foods have been all the rage the last number of years, while such foods as blueberries and kale are still excellent for your diet, 2014 is the year of the super seed! If you are unsure which seeds to buy start off with Chia seeds. These seeds are a great option for people who suffer from food allergies as they are an excellent source of protein. On top of this they are naturally gluten free, one teaspoon contains more calcium than a glass of milk, has more omega 3s than a piece of salmon and more anti-oxidants than blueberries. To get the full benefits of Chia seeds you should eat 1-2 Tbsps. daily, add them to oatmeal, yoghurt, casseroles, anything you wish!

Not just popular for the Christmas season this year, the new vegetable of the year will be Brussels sprouts. Kale was huge for 2013 so sticking with the leafy green theme Brussels sprouts are taking its place. Sprouts are an excellent source of antioxidants, help with digestion and diet, are high in fibre and help to lower cholesterol to name but a few benefits. 2014 will also see a lot more experimentation in how this little vegetable is cooked, it is a very versatile ingredient so be daring in how you cook it.

Snacks are going to get a makeover in 2014, people want low-carb, low-fat snacks. The buzzword on everyone’s lips is ‘permissible indulgences’. People want snacks that are healthy but still taste good and don’t leave a feeling of guilt after consuming them. Foods like seaweed crisps, chia seed cookies and hummus will all be popular in 2014 to snack on.

Health is just as important as taste in 2014 and that is evident in the in-coming food trends. Forget about starting extreme diets or crazy detoxes instead look at healthy food options and all the benefits they offer. Add them to your diet and you will almost instantly feel the benefits of these super foods!

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The following is written by a representation of USP Labs Direct who is a professional writer and a member of the company’s marketing department. USP Labs are one of the leading suppliers of Ultra-Premium supplements in North America.