Google’s Penguin update killed off SEO. You might have heard a lot of people claiming this after the release of this update in April. But, is this belief really a truth?

Rules of Google’s Harsh Penguin

Google, as we are all aware, is famous for having stable screening process and standards for links or websites that they add in their search pages. This practice isn’t to deter traditional SEO experts but is laid to keep spam out of search recommendations. The recent Google Penguin update came with new set of rules. A lot of online marketers are actually right to think that the process for rejecting spam-like content is now different. Seemingly, the new algorithm has firmer rules.

The webmaster guidelines of Google describe this in detail. As per the final guidelines, there are a few things that all webmasters must avoid while trying to index links to Google. These prohibitions include the usage of veiled doorway pages, insertion of buying links, directing to various pages for users and engines, inclusion of hidden texts or links and redirecting or cloaking domains.

Clearly, the given samples are intimidating to pure-bred marketers online. For several of the methods that are extensively utilized by them use at least more than one of given examples. This is the reason why the online community has gotten dazed off the cuff, particularly the affected online marketing experts. However, for the SEO experts, it is a different tale.

Penguin Shortlisting-Free Search Engine Optimization Content

A genuine SEO content really doesn’t inspire such practices. Employing tricks as hidden links and landing pages would often affect the entire content quality. Since doing such things diverge from the aim of creatively and discretely using most-searched phrases or keywords by users from particular niches or market.

Quality SEO content is determined to enhance the experience of visitors, gain loyal customer base and add value for prospective customers who would come back after their visit. Therefore, with such purpose, every reasonable SEO marketing expert issues a good quality and user-friendly content which doesn’t only amaze existing clients but also pass the strict standards of Google’s spam segregation.

SEO Content Survives

So, did Penguin by Google really crush SEO? The answer to this question is very much clear-cut and obvious. Clean and quality SEO content is certainly off the spam tags of recent Penguin algorithm of Google. It means even if Google has made its policies stricter, SEO still survives.

Google itself backs the usage of clean SEO phrases or keywords for marketing. Google’s organic Keyword Referrer, Analytics reports, AdSense, Link Tools and AdWords all back the comprehensible ways of distinct online marketing. Obviously, these are just some of the several tools which all SEO experts check to confirm the content quality in Webmaster Central of Google. There are still many tools that support the utilization of effective, simple but discrete methods for SEO specialists these days. The basic goal for Search Engine Optimization is quality and genuineness.