There are many tourist places in India, but one of the most famous places is Guwahati on the Northeastern part of India. It is one of the most beautiful places one can ever set their eyes on in India. It was originally known as Pragyjothispura which means city of eastern light. The scenic view of the mighty Bramhaputra with the mountains around it is a sight anyone would just dream.

The climate there might be described as ‘humid subtropical climate’ but actually is very unpredictable; it will be foggy as the sun rises, then it starts raining and then it might get real sunny. Flights are available all year round to Guwahati and there are a few trains running from various parts of India to here. There is the famous IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) one of the famous institutions for engineering in India located between mountains making students have a feeling of living in a valley.

Tourist Places in Guwahati

River Brahmaputra

The main tourist attraction in Guwahati is the river Bramhaputra itself and one cannot forget the gigantic and force of its flow. There are temples around the river, but one of the very special temples is the ‘Kamakya Temple’ which is situated on top of a mountain and has a flow of water flowing from the feet of the Goddess and the source is unknown. The ‘Pan Bazaar’ is a most visited place if you want to go for shopping for your near and dear, you can get the locally made handicrafts and also the most famous Assamese Tea powder. Then there is also a river cruise across the river which one can enjoy and also the ‘Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens’.

Tourist Places Close to Guwahati

From Guwahati if one travels for approximately for 150 kilometers, they would be on the place which receives the highest rainfall around the year in the whole world and would feel on top of the world. It’s the famous Cherrapunji, where the clouds move from between people and it’s always raining! On the way to Cherrapunji from Guwahati, there are the famous ‘Mawsmai caves’ which are limestone caves and have small pools of water inside with stalactites and stalagmites.

Kshaid Dain Thlen Falls

One will always be travelling among clouds and is raining almost every day all round the year, though there might not be much in the months of December to March. The tallest plunge waterfalls are situated here – the ‘Nohkalikai Falls’. Then there is the ‘Kshaid Dain Thlen Falls’, ‘Dainthlen Falls’, ‘Kynrem Falls’ and then the ‘Thangkharang Park’ too which give a feast to one’s eyes. You can have a view of the ‘Seven Sisters Falls’ which are actually situated in Shillong which is a few more kilometers from Cherrapunji and also has a few more tourist spots like ‘Elephant Falls’, ‘Bishop Falls’, ‘Spread Eagle Falls’ among a few.

The easiest way to get to Cherrapunji or Shillong is to hire a Jeep or van from Guwahati which are available from near the railway station (price can be bargained). To view all these places one whole day wouldn’t be sufficient and would require a minimum of three whole days. Shillong has resorts and hotels where one can stay overnight.