Getting Beautiful Smile Is Possible Without Dental Cosmetics

Your smile is a part of your splendor. Yellow or unclean teeth can wipe out the overall impression you receive from your facial beauty. There is a common concept of getting a whiter and more beautiful smile with the help of dental cosmetic that involves lots of money and time.

Well! Getting a beautiful smile with sparkling white teeth is no longer difficult. There’s a number of ways that can help you smile widely and stay confident and the good news is that you don’t have to pay lots of money for dental cosmetics as getting an amazing smile is possible with the comfort of your own home. What you need is a variety of ingredients that aren’t difficult to use and can be on hand easily.

• Take a la ripe banana and rub the inside fibrous part of its peel on your teeth. This will make your teeth sparkle and look beautiful.

• Lemon is believed to be an effective home remedy for many problems. Take half of a lemon’s juice and rub it firmly but gently on your teeth. This excellent ingredient will remove yellow stains and tarter from your teeth giving it a white look and new shine.

• Baking soda is a commonly used kitchen ingredient. It is full of strong and effective elements that can help you get a perfect smile. Rub half tsp of baking soda mixed with a pinch of salt on the teeth and it will leave you with white, shiny and stainless teeth.

• Strawberries are some of most loved fruits and have lots of healthy attributes that are vital to human health. This fruit is effective for getting whiter teeth and enhancing its natural shine. You can rub strawberry on your teeth in pureed form or cut into half and use likewise.

• Dipping your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and then brushing gently on your teeth can show you swift results.

• Salt is an amazing home remedy to remove stains from your teeth. You can use your fingertips to get the desired result.

• Oranges are full of vitamin C and are liked by many. Not to mention it has an effective ingredient to give you good results for getting whiter teeth. Just rub its peel on your teeth and see the result.

• You might like munching on crusty food items. Fortunately some crunchy fruits and vegetables are helpful to remove stains on teeth such as apple, carrot, cucumber, celery and parsley hence you can benefit yourself for taste and getting whiter teeth from these fruits and vegetables.

Besides these effective home remedies there are some tips to keep your teeth away from losing its beauty and strength.

• Avoid fizzy drinks

• Cocaine, ecstasy, etc can harm your teeth. Make sure you’re not using them in any form.

• Smoking is injurious to your overall health including your teeth.

• Drink dark colored juices such as cranberry juice with a straw.

• Black coffee can cause a problem against your shining and white teeth.

• Tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar cause your teeth get stain.
• Avoid drinking black tea too much as it can cause stains on your teeth. Use green tea instead.