Get Perfect Eyebrows According to Your Face Shape

No matter how much effort you put in to look glamorous, but if your eyebrows are not done correctly, you may not get the perfect look. With so many eyebrow shapes like arched, round, straight and thin, it becomes hard to understand which one to choose for your face. Just like different face shapes need different hair styles to match with each other, the shape of your eyebrows should be according to your face shape. Identify the category of shape your face falls in and get the perfect eyebrows through this guide.

For Long face

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If you have a long face like actress Sarah Jessica Parker, You may want to make certain adjustments so as to make it look round. This can be done to some extent by keeping your eyebrows flat or straight. A straight eyebrow with no curve at all or a slight downward curve makes a face appear round and balanced by adding some width to it. Shaping an arched eyebrow may make your face look even longer, so avoid it completely.

For Round face

Arched eyebrows are best suited for women with a round face. This helps in adding some length to the face and makes it appear balanced. Avoid straight or round eyebrows as it may make your face appear abysmally round. Highly arched eyebrows provide an elongated or oval look to your face, although if you are not comfortable with it, you may keep your eyebrows soft arched.

For Square face

If you have a square shaped face like Marilyn Monroe which characterizes a striking jaw line, broad cheeks and equally wide forehead; you may need to soften the features to look attractive. An angled eyebrow may best compliment your face to make it appear narrow and shaped. A high-peak may make the jaw line less visible thereby balancing your face. A curved or round eyebrow may also help to soften the squared face. Also avoid thick brows as it may make your face appear wide, instead make it arched with a medium thickness. This will balance the strong features and make your face emerge out as elongated as well as more feminine.

For Oval face

If you are lucky enough like Cameron Diaz to get an oval shaped face, you can probably choose any shape for your eyebrows to add perfection. Most beauty experts love to work on women with oval face because every hairstyle and almost any eyebrow compliment their beauty. Although you may choose any shape of eyebrow, some women find curved or soft arched eyebrows best suited for their oval shaped face.

For Heart-shaped face

Those who have a pointed chin and heart shaped face, a circular brow, may look too strong. Instead, shape your brow straight with a slight bend at the outer edges. Rounded eyebrows with a pointed tip soften the strong features of a heart shaped face making you look more feminine and attractive. If you have a long heart shaped face you may opt for low arched eyebrows to make you face appear less elongated, whereas a high arch will compliment a face which is short heart shaped.

For Diamond face

A diamond shaped face has a striking feature of wide cheekbones as compared to the forehead and jaws. A curved brow will aid to soften down the highly angular face. Never go for a high arched eyebrow if you have such face shape as it may make you appear even more angular. A slight arch at the center may draw attention from the wide cheekbones and make the strikingly angular face fairly balanced.

It is equally essential to avoid over-plucking since a single wrong tweeze may ruin your appearance and may entirely change the shape of your face. Eyebrows which are too thin may make you look older; therefore, it is best to avoid them unless it strongly suits your personality. Always go for fuller eyebrows as it is always trendy and make you look younger. If you have naturally groomed eyebrows, avoid over-grooming as it may spoil the natural look. Creating a wide gap in between two eyebrows is a big no as it makes your nose look bigger. A unibrow may make you unattractive and thus removing the hair just above the bridge of your nose is a must. Although, you may do a bit of grooming yourself, it is always better to seek professional help for shaping your brows perfectly.