Game of Thrones’ 4th Season Will Air On April 6th, 2014

Game of Thrones, after winning the Golden Globe award and grabbing attention of millions of fans from around the world, is coming on TV once again on April 06, 2014. It will be the season 4 of the TV series with 10 episodes in total. The entire season is based on only a part (the second half) of the novel from George R. R. Martin. The second half the season will be based on is from A Storm of Swords. A Storm of Swords is the third portion of the complete novel with the name A Song of Ice and Fire. The season will be airing on HBO.

Fans were already crazily expecting the 4th season to come and their waits will be over on 6th of April. While most people have loved the series, there are still news and premonitions on the internet on whether the coming season will be able to keep its popularity alive. This particular season will be based more on the fights being fought among the remaining families as the war is coming to a close. Some fighting families i.e. Stark, are nearing their extinction while the triumphant families i.e. Lannister, will be distributing the power and rules of various regions to the betrayers of the previous season i.e. Freyz and Boltons.

The season is anxiously being awaited by its fans but there is some bad news coming with the season. Some great characters in the series might not be acting at all after the season is over. One example is King Joffrey. King Joffrey, who’s Jack Gleeson in reality, has clearly stated his lack of interest in acting anymore. He thinks he loved acting when he started doing it at the age of eight but lost that interest in the recent times since he’s moved more towards the humanitarian causes. Other bad news is that this particular season hasn’t really shown the signs of a big death or twist in the story; something that fans have been loving in previous seasons.

Not much can be said right now since the season hasn’t aired at the moment. However, from the plot summary and synopsis given on the website, we don’t see the story moving too much. The first episode of the season will air as “Two Swords”. The second episode will air on 13th of April with the name “the lion and the rose”. Other episodes are “breaker of chains”, “oathkeeper”, “first of his name”, “the laws of gods and men” and “mockingbird”. The last episode of the season will be aired on June 15, 2014. This season might end when Arya Stark’s thirst for revenge is at its peak. How well or bad the season performs is now awaited as the first episode airs on coming Sunday.