From Snail Mail to Virtual Mailbox

Postal mail, also known as snail mail, is how humanity communicated for centuries. The invention of telephones and emails didn’t stop people from sending letters, no matter how long those letters took to reach their destination. Although it’s not the fastest, it is very reliable. Some important documents and bank statements cannot be sent using any other method. Fortunately, now it is sent using airplanes and trains and not pigeons. So, postal mail has gone through a long journey from the messy form of communication it used to be to a fast and neat one.

It must have been very hard for our ancestors to wait for pigeons. They are reliable and very unlikely to lose their way, but there is no privacy because anyone can shoot the messenger and get your letters. Plus, the stormy winds are not great flying conditions for your messenger. With modern transportation, pigeons stepped aside, leaving your mail to more reliable and responsible human beings who will handle it with care, leaving no chance to weather or anything till it’s delivered in your hands.

Emails have made communication faster and easier. Without having to go anywhere or waiting for letters to arrive, you can be connected to as many people as you wish. The process of sending emails is instant. Once a sender clicks send, the email message reaches its destination swiftly. It’s as simple as that. But you can’t count on emails like you do with postal mail. Some items have to be delivered “physically.”

Unfortunately, postal mail cannot be easily accessed as email. You have to be at your house or even worse drive to the post office to pick it up. It is not as easy to handle and can be a real issue if you are frequently traveling. No one wants to leave a bulging mailbox at their yard because it’s a huge indicator that there’s nobody home who makes your house susceptible to burglars.

With virtual mailbox, things are a lot better because new technologies are used so that snail mail becomes more convenient. And guess what, you don’t have to receive it yourself. No matter where you are, you can check your postal mail online. By signing up to PostScan Mail, your postal mail will be transformed into email. You pick a virtual address and your mail will be delivered to that address where it will be handled (scanned) so that you receive notifications about every single item PostScan Mail receives on your behalf. You not only view your mail, you can also manage it online (read the entire letter online, shred unwanted items or forward certain letters).

Why do you need a virtual mailbox?

  • You’re always traveling
  • You don’t want to leave a bulging mailbox at your doorstep
  • You don’t like receiving junk mail
  • You want a credible address for your business
  • You’re sick of your company’s gigantic mailroom

No matter what your needs are, PostScan Mail offers a service that saves both time and money. You can check your postal mail from anywhere in the world, eliminate junk, get a prestigious address for your business or handle your hectic mailroom online. It’s so easy with PostScan Mail. Snail mail has not changed; it has only gone virtual.

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