One of the favorite animals of all time is cats. People have kept them as pets for years because they are companionable and fair sharp creatures. They do not need to be looked after overmuch and can take care of themselves if needed. Nevertheless, it is still questionable in some societies about the domesticity of cats. However, it is a known fact that humans have been breeding cats for centuries and each of these breeds has their own unique characteristics. Some of the popular breeds are as follows:


This cat stands out because of its multicolored and silky coat, which comprises of several colors on each hair shaft. This combo gives the cat its unique ticking appearance and makes it a stunning one. They have a graceful walk as their muscles are well developed and are medium in size. Gold or green almond-shape eyes are common in these cats, which make them even more striking. This particular cat is highly playful and active, but doesn’t enjoy being handled. They interact with humans and are bundles of joy.

Bengal Cat

The remarkably soft, dense and lush coat of the Bengal cat is what makes it different from the others. They have leopard like spots on their bodies, which are quite distinctive and can be in a pattern or simply random. These cats renowned for possessing a special trait called glittering, which makes it seem that the coat is dusted with pearl or gold. Having wide and dark eyes, this is a muscular, long and medium sized cat that has high cheekbones, broad head and muzzle and pronounced whisker pads. Although people assume that to be feral, they can actually be tamed and are also affectionate. Due to its energetic nature, this cat prefers the company of children.


This is one of the most famous breeds of cats that carries a sweet expression on its face and is large to medium-sized. Its tale is comparatively short than other breeds and it has small ears that set of a huge and round head. The Persians are well-known for their shimmering silky and long coat. They can be found in more than 80 colors, although the most popular choice is silver. These cats are extremely intelligent, but remain inactive for various periods. They are sweet and docile and an excellent choice when people are in need of a companion. However, they need considerable maintenance to ensure that they remain beautiful.


Attractive baby blue eyes and large and striking ears make this particular breed different. They have a fine and short coat that covers a slim and sleek figure. Four traditional colors can be found in the coat. This particular cat is extremely dependent on human companionship because it’s very social and outgoing. They love communicating and shouldn’t be left alone too often. They need to be given affection and live and have to be handled with care.


This particular cat has been endowed with more than its share of good looks. It grabs the attention and has long hair, large foxlike hair and a tail to go with it. It may look feral on first sight, but that may be misleading. They have almond-shaped eyes that are often copper-gold or green in color. The cat is known for its alertness and is quite well-proportioned. It is large or medium, solidly built and quite muscular. This cat is highly playful and curious and can turn your life upside down. They like to explore and will simply enter into different places. They have a touchy-feely attitude and will try entering every area of your life.


Another interesting breed of the cat is this large or medium sized cat, which is quite heavy and muscular for its size and appearance. They have widely set and round eyes that render them a friendly and approachable appearance. They have highly prominent cheekbones and have no specific eye color. Sphynxes have a very high metabolism that contributes to their large appetites. They may appear to be hairless, but this is not the case in every sphynx. They appreciate human attention and have high energy levels. Therefore, they have the capability if indulging in various acrobatic tricks, much like monkeys. They are mischievous and curious creatures that enjoy showing off. They have a sense of humor and friendly attitude that has made them highly popular.


This cat is recognized for its short and stubby legs. It has a long body and is medium sized with walnut-shaped eyes. It is not self-conscious at all and is instead very outgoing and confident. It likes to wrestle, play and snuggle and prefers to have shiny objects. It also has a hunter’s instinct and chases after everything that moves.

Most of these cat breeds enjoy being with people and can make excellent family pets.