Flappy Bird’s Wings Clipped By Developer

It may be a chart topping global phenomenon, but mobile game Flappy Bird is apparently not the ticket its creator Dong Nguyen wanted as he appears to be struggling with the success enjoyed by his game. Both on Android and iOS, the free game has gained immense popularity, but the Vietnamese developer had announced on Twitter that he was planning to remove it from the app stores on the weekend and he seems to have gone through with it. The exact motives of the game’s removal seem to be shrouded in mystery after its developer had tweeted that he would be removing the game on Sunday night.

Later, Dong Nguyen had offered some clarifications behind his decisions stating that it wasn’t legal issues that were driving him to take this step. He also stated that people should stop asking him to sell the game because he wasn’t interested in doing so. The game had been launched on iOS in May 2013, but it had inexplicably shot to the top of the free game rankings of Apple in early 2014 and this was around the same time when the game was introduced on Android’s market as well. According to the statistics, the game has been downloaded about 50 million times on Android alone.

Moreover, it was also revealed that in the last week alone, the game had been earning about $50,000 daily because of its advertisements. The game’s success hasn’t been impeded by its absurdly-hard difficulty curve and its basic graphics although they have managed to put the noses of some gaming snobs out of the joint. The game’s rise has even been celebrated by Apple when the official Twitter account of its App Store had tweeted its surprisingly high score of 99 early in this week. Nevertheless, people aren’t exactly surprised at the developer’s decision to take down the game.

There have been plenty of clues in his twitter account, which indicate that the success of Flappy Bird isn’t exactly a bed of roses for the developer. Nguyen had tweeted that he did regard the game as his success, but it seemed to be ruining his life. He had said that its success was being overrated by the press and all he wanted was some peace. The game had been developed by him alone and he had said that he didn’t need any team or other resources because his games are rather simple. He added that it only took 2 to 3 days to program the game.

The sharp rise of the game has been nothing less than controversial with pointed questions regarding its sudden rise and Nintendo’s statement that the game was similar to one of theirs. Dong admitted that Nintendo’s Mario Bros had inspired Flappy Bird and he said that he hadn’t indulged in any chart-rigging to make his game popular. Nonetheless, users can still get their fix of the game though as there are numerous clones available and those who had downloaded the game before removal would still have it.