Find Out Difference Between Soclean and Soclean 2

For sleep deprived patients CPAP machines work like a blessing in disguise. However, keeping the machine clean is also necessary to avoid germ, bacteria and mold growth else it can cause a lot of health issues and breathing problems.

Many make use of Soclean and Soclean 2 to maintain the equipment. Cleaning doesn’t become a time-consuming chore then. You do not need water, messy chemicals or a hectic process to follow in order to clean the mask. The process is rather simple with Soclean and Soclean 2. Well, here we will discuss the reviews that does Soclean really work and which one is right for you.

Does it fully Sanitizes CPAP Mask, Hose & Reservoir?

As per the Soclean  and Soclean 2 reviews they both are great for fully sanitizing the CPAP mask, reservoir and hose. It also works with heated hoses that come with adapters. It will fully sanitize the CPAP accessories so the patient can sleep well during the night and have a restful sleep. The patient will not catch any type of bacterial infection or health issue which is a problem only if the machine is not cleaned on a regular basis.

Does it work with CPAP machines?

Both the Soclean sanitizers work with a wide variety of CPAP machines and CPAP masks. There are various types of CPAP masks and machines and on these, the Soclean sanitizers work exceptionally well. People make use of homemade cleaning solution also. However, the cleaning that is offered by Soclean is extremely satisfying.

What about travel and timer?

As per many Soclean CPAP cleaner reviews Soclean is not ideal for traveling. It is better to make use of Soclean 2 if you are an avid traveler. So clean has a programmable time though which Soclean 2 doesn’t have. There is no cord with SoClean 2 and that is the best part of this cleaning machine. You can carry it anywhere and do not have to search for a socket to plug it in. Wear your mask with ease.

Other things:

Both the cleaners have status indicator lights and it can shut down automatically. Some common features of both the sanitizers are that you need to replace the valve assembly and filter every six months and the machine consumes 5 watts of power. They come with a warranty period of one year.

So clean 2 is battery operated whereas so clean needs 110 to 240 VAC. So clean comes with a cord and so clean 2 is cordless. That’s why you can carry this portable cleaning device while you travel. Soclean 2 is also lightweight. It weighs just 1.3 lbs whereas Soclean is heavy and it weighs 5.6 lbs.


As a beginner, you can try Soclean or if you do not travel a lot. If your needs and desires are different when it comes to cleaning your CPAP machine, then make a choice accordingly. You can go for Soclean 2 if you travel a lot.

It definitely works amazingly for the CPAP machines and accessories. You can enjoy a clean and bacteria-free CPAP therapy that can annihilate up to 99.99% viruses, bacteria, and mold that reside in the tubing system.