Fashion Digital Marketing Tips: How to Boost Sales on Instagram

Instagram is a crowded place. We know that Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users and over 500 million of them are used to using Instagram daily. Over 8.95 images and videos are actually shared on this popular platform every day. In this context, an interesting fact is that more than 40 billion images and videos have already been shared on Instagram ever since its inception in the year 2010. It becomes quite challenging to distinguish your product or brand from the rest.

The best way new fashion brands could make their presence felt is through successful fashion digital marketing. If you leverage the power of Instagram, the sales and social brand presence of your fashion brand are sure to go up and you could constantly track the latest developments and get immediate feedback to see if a particular campaign is working or not. When done perfectly, fashion marketing on the digital platforms including social media channels like Instagram is able to expose your fashion brand to your ideal target audience so they eventually become aware of your specific fashion brand, buy your products, and become brand ambassadors ultimately. You could boost engagement by getting in touch with a reliable digital marketing company that would provide effective solutions so that you could buy real Instagram likes.

Instagram has been used as a marketing platform by numerous brands and industries and we have witnessed the phenomenal impact it has on boosting online presence and augmenting sales. Here are a few effective tips for boosting sales for your fashion brand on Instagram.

Consider Running a Promotion during Holidays to Grab Buyer Attention Better

It is a good idea to run promotions during the holiday season so that your brand catches the attention of more and more people. When people are relaxed and in no particular hurry during the holiday season, there is more likelihood of them noticing your fashion brand and your products. Depending on the precise time of the year, different incentives could be provided to your potential customers or your target audience.

If you are on Instagram Business, you could consider creating promotions with the help of an Instagram app for boosting the visibility of your post. Instagram contests and promotions are an effective way of gaining engaged users. You must know all the relevant rules of running an Instagram promotion and understand clearly what type of promotion you wish to run. You must remember using a branded hashtag for making it relatively easier to keep track of conversations and entries about the contest. You must consider creating an iconic graphic for grabbing the attention of as many potential customers as possible. Give away relevant prizes if you are thinking of promoting your fashion brand and draw the interest of more and more people. Do not forget to promote your competition on other social networking sites for grabbing maximum exposure.

Create Fabulous Style Guides

If you own a fashion brand, you could think about creating style guides for showing visitors the right way of wearing your fashion items and how to incorporate your fashion brand into your usual way of life. A style guide could prove to be useful for Instagram users to get creative and innovative ideas to wear and flaunt your clothing. Fashion designers or fashion houses must not restrict themselves to just a single style guide. You could create fantastic style guides for the holiday season, events, festivals, and special occasions. You could choose topical themes such as work, travel, the beach, weekend etc.

Conclusion: Run a Giveaway on Instagram to Boost Brand Awareness & Increase Community Size

You may be having an extremely popular item in your fashion store. You may consider running a giveaway exclusively on Instagram. Ask your Instagram followers to comment why they are so much interested in winning the fashion accessory or attire in the picture. Then they should tag three friends who are also looking forward to winning the prized item. Instagram giveaways could be used regularly for promoting your brand. You could offer a brand new item every month. Make the most of Instagram that is the most popular social media platform.