It wasn’t that long ago when sportswear comprised of throwing on a pair of loose pants, a cool cap and a slouchy shirt. This was the overall look that mostly leaned towards the boy in the word tomboy. The masculine influence was transparent initially and that was applicable to all fitness gear, basketball, football and baseball uniforms. It wasn’t until the year 2012 when the trend started changing and a subtle return of femininity surfaced that meant minimal silhouettes and cleaner lines. The enthusiastic progress of fashion didn’t slow down, but instead, it morphed into a completely new embodiment of casual and feminine chic.

The athletic wear no longer hints at specific sports and focuses on a sportier and rather slick attitude as it evolved to become increasingly subtle. Sports fashion has become completely sophisticated with the combination of immaculate styling and delicate volumes. When one wants to achieve a slightly different yet fresh perspective, it is important to consider the varying and changing fashion trends. The subtle quality of the garments gradually paved way for a polished vibe that forms the sportswear of today. Currently, the top color of choice is white because the purpose is to keep looks minimal, but to give basic silhouettes and clean lines.

Likewise, white is helpful in redefining the sporty aesthetic look into a much stylish manifestation that can also be contrasted with bold colors at different times. Sophisticated tailoring is also part of the sports elements. The luxurious sport garments of today have a sporty feel, which is being accentuated with mesh inserts. These highlight the sharp cuts of the sportswear. A regained sense of allurement and femininity is indicated by the cutaway points and midriffs. People can select their gear according to their personal aesthetics. They can remain true to their personal style and remain fashionably fit at the same time.

Basic silhouettes that have sport twists can be complemented easily and can also be dressed up or down, depending on the preference. Bodysuits, slick sport bras, dresses and tops and mesh skirts are some good options in this regard. A smooth transition between daily activities and styles can be assured effortlessly. Another smart take on stylish sportswear is the option of a t-shirt dress or even impeccably tailored shorts. The sports fashion trend may lean towards white, but doesn’t completely rule out colors. For athletic and inspiring looks, one can also opt for bold hues.

Accessorizing of sportswear should be kept to a limit and should only comprise of a chic bag, a cool pair of sunglasses or simply a pair of wedges. This is minimal yet sophisticated. An androgynous look is also an option for women and can add a sports element to the attire. Transparent Perspex and plastic can complement any sportswear in a good way. A sporty mood can be injected in any type of outfit if it’s paired with the right accessory such as a baseball cap, which is extremely popular. It gives a stylish, put-together yet casual appearance at the same time.