Bangkok is the spiritual, cultural, culinary, economic and political capital of Thailand that’s a combination of modern convenience and old-world charm, all offered to tourists with a gracious smile. A visit to the capital city or the City of Angels is a must for anyone who is on a Thailand holiday. The sheer size of the city and its thousands of attractions can be overwhelming for the visitors. Bangkok is the largest city of Thailand and has over eleven million inhabitants to its name. It is regarded as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the whole of Asia.

Bangkok has grown rapidly in the past few years amidst little urban planning due to which it might seem a bit chaotic and haphazard. Bangkok may appear unappealing initially because of its high-rise buildings, naughty nightlife and heavy traffic congestion. However, one of the most compelling cities in Asia, Bangkok is regarded as a cultural phenomenon, tourist treasure and a shopping heaven for the visitors. It might be intense at first, but will turn out to be quiet addictive for people.


The roots of the city can be traced back to the 18th century during the Ayutthaya kingdom that grew in size rapidly and eventually became big enough for two cities, namely Thonburi in the year 1768 and Rattanakosin in the year 1782. Thailand was known as Siam previously and Bangkok was located at its heart. During the late nineteenth century, the country became modernized because of pressures from the West. Throughout the twentieth century, Bangkok remained the focal point of the political struggles of the country. It was in the 1980s that the development of the city began and now it has a huge impact on various aspects of Thailand.

Urban Exploration

Bangkok rewards its tourists quite handsomely in terms of exploration because a lot of its life is conducted on the street. Visit the market after enjoying an extended boat trip. People can get into conversation with a monk when they take a stroll at the beaten track of Banglamphu. They can even get face to face with an opera performance live when they travel to the tiny lanes of Chinatown. Tourists can also get a taste of the local nightlife by visiting the Sukhumvit and also travel on the BTS (Sky Train).


The multifaceted and rich personality of the city comes through the contradictions and contrasts. Delve deeper into the surface and people will find megamalls that sport international brand names, unique Buddhist temples that are gold spiraled, streets crawling with food carts and not to mention sky-touching skyscrapers. The city offers plenty of Thai-ness to the visitors and lets them have a look at the modern culture of Thailand.


People haven’t actually eaten any real Thai food until they have eaten food on a Bangkok street. The food is an overwhelming mix of flavors including sweet, sour, spicy and salty. Full-on cuisine is provided to all the food lovers here in Bangkok Thailand.

Lots of avenues to be explored and plenty of enjoyment; that’s what Bangkok is all about!