Everything You Need To Know About Asics' New Face Covering

Running in the age of COVID-19 and with differing state regulations, means having to accommodate new practices, like wearing masks. Unfortunately, face masks and coverings are not the most comfortable pieces of clothing for runners. The material makes it difficult to breathe, and sweat collects under the cover, making for an extremely undesirable experience. While respirators exist, people are being encouraged to forego them because of the spread of droplets. What is a runner to do? Thankfully, in addition to making some of the most comfortable men and women’s athletic shoes, Asics has designed a new face mask with runners in mind.

More Space

The primary benefit of the new face mask is the extra space within the cover. With a larger interior, the mask allows for more air circulation within the mask, which reduces facial sweating and improves breathability. As most runners use their mouth and nose for better breath control, more room in the mask’s muzzle means more space to function as usual, which ultimately improves the comfort of wearing the covering. While many people already buy Asics shoes online, the reimagining of the face mask will quickly propel the company to the forefront of athletic mask design.

Air Vents

Another unique design feature is the placement of air vents in the mask. While some people may find the placement of vents at all uncomfortable because of current warnings about respirators and droplets, the Asics design team found a way around that problem by moving the vents from the front of the mask to the bottom. With the vent placement and the way they integrate with the mask, you can experience the benefit of free air movement without the risks presented with the use of respirators. Therefore, as you trust Asics for womens and mens sneakers online, trust in their new face mask design.

Sustainable Design

The new mask is not just about breathability; it is about sustainability. The design includes approximately 31% of recycled materials. Beyond being environmentally-friendly, it is also a reusable design. Too many people are wearing disposable and single-use masks, which is potentially bad for the environment. Stop wasting money and protect the environment and your health with the washable Asics face mask.

Quick-Drying Fabric

An excellent feature of the new mask is its quick-drying fabric. How many runners experience excessive facial sweat while wearing a regular mask. The material of the cover not only helps to cool the airflow into the mask, but it also reduces the risk of heatstroke.

Adjustable Fit

Universal masks are not always designed with the universal wearer in mind. Everyone’s face is different, and to create an effective mask fit, it must be fitted to the wearer’s face. The Asics mask has an adjustable fit so that it can fit a wide range of users and their specific facial contours.

Wearing face masks and coverings seems like it will be the new normal for a while. As a runner, it is necessary to have a mask that doesn’t restrict breathing and sits comfortably on the face. If you are interested in the new Asics face mask, keep an eye on local retailers for its official release.