Entertainment in the Harbour City: How to Truly Enjoy Your Trip to Sydney

The whole of Australia is a beautiful place to visit, and whether you are an Australian yourself who’s just visiting Sydney for the first time, or a foreigner looking to have a great time during your travel to the land down under, Sydney is without a doubt, one of the best cities in the whole of Australia to find that entertainment in. Regarding what can you expect and where can you find what it is that you are looking for, we have the following suggestions.

Trek from Manly to Spit

Let’s start with an outdoor adventure first up because Australia is just so much about that, but don’t worry, the coastal trek is nothing like the Larapinta Trail or the bushwalking challenge of the Mount Anne Circuit though!

It is a short 9km coastal hike from Manly to Spit which is filled with vantage points that offer access to absolutely stunning scenes across the Sydney Harbour and beyond. There are even some secret beaches along the trail that cannot be accessed by any other means, short of taking a boat ride with an experienced local maybe.

The trek is worth checking out even more because of the Grotto Point’s aboriginal art, which is fascinating to look at. The most famous pieces are The Kangaroo, the Boomerangs and The Whale, carved right into the sandstone, a long, long time ago.

See a Show at the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House opened to business in 1973, but the construction of it started back in the 1960s! The stunning piece of architecture with its iconic white shell roof is so complex and detailed that it took roughly fifteen years for the workers to finish building it.

Watching a show inside the architectural marvel which stands as a pillar of great significance for the world of art, not just in Australia but the entire globe is something that no one visiting the city should ever miss out on. Don’t just visit the Sydney Opera House though, buy a ticket and watch a show as well because it’s definitely an experience of a lifetime and something that you should be able to tell people about proudly in person and on social media!

Enjoy the Famous Nightlife in Sydney

Sydney nightlife is not exactly like what you would find in Spain or France, but it is one of the most complete experiences that you will ever find anywhere. There are clubs like Marquee that have parties hosted by the likes of DJ Hardwell and Will Sparks, while Club 77 will appeal more to people who are in love with the techno tunes and neon lights on the dance floor.

When you are on the lookout for a superclub though, you will have to visit Home for a Voodoo Friday or a Homemade Saturday to experience the kind of unique and super crowded atmosphere the mega club holds on special nights. Just in case you need a partner for the night out, check out this useful link to Velosia that will let you find exactly what you need to enjoy the night both during and after the party.

Visit Frankie’s Pizza

Frankie’s Pizza is a weirdly wonderful place, especially if you are a retro fan. It is a basement filled with every kind of pinball machine that ever came into existence, wall art, and live music from the golden days of the retro era.

Whether you are a retro geek or a rock and roll fan, Frankie’s Pizza will provide you with a unique taste of both worlds at the same place, and yes, there is some awesome pizza as well! The establishment has live music each and every night of the week, and during the weekends, it is a particularly loud and awesome place to be in for those that are looking to enjoy Sydney nightlife in a different light than the superclubs for a change.

Pay a Visit to the Blue Mountains Nearby

Admittedly, the Blue Mountains are not exactly in Sydney, but this gorgeous natural place of wonders is just so stunning that it would be a huge mistake to not see the valleys and weathered peaks, even after coming so close to it.

Officially known as the Blue Mountains National Park, the shots you can get from this place are nothing short of amazing and you don’t even have to be a good photographer for getting them either! Everywhere you look, there’s natural beauty surrounding you in the Blue Mountains National Park. From giant waterfalls (Katoomba), lush green forests, rugged rocks and an ever-expanding deep blue sea that simply melts into the light blue sky in the horizon, to long, ancient trails that have unexpected adventures are just waiting for you here.

It is recommended that you don’t miss out on experiencing the effect of the sunset on the Three Sisters rock formation because that is one of the main attractions why people go to the Park in the first place. Sunset turns the already stunning Blue Mountains National Park into an ancient place of great and unfathomable beauty; just make sure that you are on one of the high vantage points at the time.

If you want to truly experience the beauty of the Blue Mountains and don’t mind camping in the wilds for a few nights, hire a guide and take on the Six Foot Track, which goes much beyond six feet at 44km through the best regions of the Blue Mountains.

There is so much to explore in the Harbour City that calling this list complete would not be fair. Even then, it’s a good list to follow and will likely keep you occupied for quite a few consequent visits to the city for sure. None of the entries on this list is hierarchical in nature, so feel free to prioritise them according to your own preference and understanding of the word entertainment because you can’t really go wrong with any of it!