Enhance Your Looks and Get Prettier With Smoky Eyes

No woman is ugly unless she stays lazy. And when we talk about beauty of a woman, eyes are the first things that can completely change a woman’s looks. Eyes reveal the inner essence of wellbeing and can be attracting to anyone if are beautiful. Thanks to modern products and cosmetic techniques that no longer let the difference of the size and the state of your eyes remain there. Just the correct usage of the eye makeup techniques and you could without much efforts change the appearance of your eyes. You can make them look large, wide and even more impressive.

Smoky eyes is the name of one of the latest eye makeup techniques that have been playing a significant role in making you look more fascinating. You have to understand precisely the way to apply this cosmetic technique effectively so that you attain the all in the mind and complete look, and if you don’t, your appearance could be enormously influenced by how you have applied the technique.

Sorry to say, many women tend to apply their cosmetic in improper ways while making the smoky eye impact, and end up looking laughable and even ugly. Here we shall talk about a few ways that could help you attain a perfect eye makeup.

•    Apply Eyeliner: women with wide eyes can have them rimmed all round to give them a better look whereas small eyes don’t have to be rimmed completely because it will make them look more diffident.  Apply eyeliner and shadow on the outer half of your eyes. This will make your eyes look larger and rounder.  Use an untiring hand to apply perfect eyeliner. Pulling the eyelid and making a line of spots on the off-chance could help you with making a straight line. Fill in the holes connecting spots and work from within the direction of the outer cover. Do likewise with the bottom cover.

•    Apply Eye Shadow: to apply eye-shadow you should have comparative shades from lightest to darkest.  Smoky eyes include the lightest color over the forehead bone and the area especially beneath the eyebrow arc. Make sure you get your eyes lined with eyeliner so that when you put on the darker shade you don’t coat your liner. Apply the darkest shade on the lower part of the eyelid from the outer corner. Applying the right color foundation depends on your skin tone and eye color so the while making the choice of the color you want to use, make sure it goes with your eyes.

•    Apply Mascara: applying mascara is not difficult just keep looking in the mirror while you are applying it.

Creating smoky eyes makeup often make many women hesitate to assume this cosmetic look as it may look more mystified than it truly is. But it’s simple and straight, so just learn the correct way to apply the process to look prettier, more impressive, and more fascinating.