Sciatica is a term that is used to describe a symptom in which one experiences pain starting from the buttock down to the back of the leg. There may often be an impingement in the large sciatic nerve because of which this pain is caused. However, this is not the primary or only reason behind it. While muscle pain may be the cause of experiencing pain from the buttock to the leg, Sciatica is rarely the cause. If your sciatic nerve is pinched, you will experience sciatica, which results because of muscular dysfunction and the pinch will go away once you help the muscle. The Sciatica stretch is one of the commonly used methods to achieve this.

While there are a number of stretches that can be used for restoring the sciatic nerve to its original condition, one of the best is stretching of the Piriformis muscle. This will be effective when the cause of sciatica is Piriformis Syndrome. There are a few easy steps involved in the Piriformis stretch. Start this stretch by lying on a surface that is flat and then place your less painful foot against the wall. Hold this position and breathe normally so that you can relax. While you are doing this, you will feel that the backside of your hip is being stretched. During this sciatica stretch technique, evaluate the extent of tension on your painful side. There will be a little tension in the muscles while you are holding this position. Instead of tensing up because of the pain, make sure that you relax. In case the tension is painful and causing discomfort, it is recommended that you move an inch or two away from the wall and after this repeat the posture.

While staying in this position of the sciatica stretch, breathe in and out five times and hold the position for about thirty to fifty seconds. After this repeat the same stretch on the other side. If you want to perform a Sciatica stretch, keep it your rule that the stretch should not worsen the condition and your pain. Doing the Piriformis stretch can cause slight discomfort. However, it should not increase the pain. If your pain and discomfort seem worse even after you have done the stretch, this is not a very good sign. If the pain worsens, take it as an indication that you might be being very aggressive during the exercise. Being in the wrong position during the stretch can be another reason for an increase in your pain. In cases like these, you should stop the Sciatica stretch for some time by taking the cue that a stretch is not what your body needs at that point. In case of the pain becoming too much, it is recommended that you see a physician.