In daily life, there are a number of activities we perform that leave the back muscles tight. Paying attention to this factor is essential because if this phenomenon lasts over time, it can result in increase your risk of pack injury and can also increase back pain. To overcome the muscle pain and the threat of back pain in the future, there are many back stretch exercises that you can do. These exercises are designed so that they allow you to stretch the major back muscles effectively and quickly. Even if you do not have a lot of time, you can spend a short amount of time on these exercises.

Sun Salutation is one of the most common of back stretch exercises. In order to do this exercise, you need to start by positioning yourself in a standing position. After this, as you sweep your arms upwards and overhead, exhale. Then tip from your hips and lower yourself while bending forward, exhaling all the while. Your hands should touch the floor when you are in this position. Back stretch and bend your knees slightly if you have to. Inhale while you come up and then bend again while exhaling. Inhale once again while coming up and sweep your arms overhead until your palms touch. For it to be effective, you should repeat this routine four to eight times.

The Standing Cat Stretch is another back stretch exercise that can benefit you to a great extent. Place your hands on the thighs while you lower yourself into a squat and arch your back. Then pull your and round your back upwards towards the ceiling. Lower yourself again and repeat this series fifteen times. If you want to indulge in back stretch for the long-term health and betterment of your back, the knee to chest routine can be very useful. Place your hands behind the knees and pull your knees into your chest. To make sure that the lower back is stretched in this routine, try and keep your tailbone on the floor. Hold the stretch in this position for fifteen to thirty seconds.

Caring for your back is vital for your functionality and overall health. Whether you are experiencing back pain or want to prevent back pain as a result of your hectic routine, you can use the useful exercises and strengthen your back muscles. No matter what the age, these exercises can be practiced easily. If you are starting back stretching exercises, make sure that you wear comfortable clothes that do not prevent or limit free movement. While you are performing back stretch exercise, remember that it is supposed to be pain-free. This means that you should force your body into positions that are difficult and painful.