E-sports: A Virtual World Of Adventure

Generally, most games in e-sports have multiplayer elements because the whole idea of such games is to interact with other participants. Today, players have a number of options to play in various tournaments or competitions of e-gaming. In order to make most of an esport activity you need to play a game that you think can be best for your particular interest.

When it comes to e-sports, you will find almost every kind of games in it. However, first person shooter or FPS, MMORPGs and sport have been most popular e-sports games so far, and there is a strong likelihood of more games to be included to this list. In present time, e-sports is mostly used and enjoyed by men with 80 percent of men participating in the events.

The most interesting part of e-sports industry is that it has witnessed an increasing profit ratio in last few years. According to statistics of e-sports industry, it made £258 million in 2015 only and successfully reached up to £391 in 2016 which is absolutely encouraging for esport investors as well as for players.

As a matter of fact, it is pretty exciting to find out where you can view different competitions of e-sports. There are a variety of esport activities such as csgo that can be viewed on different websites and online portals. For example, YouTube and Twitch in association with EPSN make the most prominent platforms to view e-sports ​on their dedicated sections. Besides, there is MLG and Azubu which are not very common among the internet users but do provide high quality e-sports streams through their online platforms. Provided that, the following year is expected to continue the exponential growth of e-sports, there is a likelihood of more platforms to be launched for viewers in order to let them enjoy different e-sports tournament in live transmissions.

In addition, the development of e-sports is gradually encouraging traditional sporting websites such as ESPN to begin catering to various e-sports leagues to satisfy the hunger of their fans. This initiative is believed to be motivating for the industry and other sporting channels. Besides, aforesaid step also emphasizes on how seriously traditional sports broadcasters looking forward to cover the e-sports industry. Many sports experts are expecting other media giants like BBC will also involve in this field and will launch their own e-sports brands.

Additionally, there is a large number of international tournaments that encourage players to participate in. Some of these competitions are presented by PublisherVale who own the International tournament featuring many thrilling games like dota2. In order to initiate this event, the company made use of crowdsale to generate a vast prize pool of $10 million. Gilgam.es is another great place to join the crowdsale and generate profits by playing games.

Furthermore, there are many other companies that are organizing their own events like Blizzard, and have included many esports games like starcrat. Last but not least, there is Riot’s League of Legends championship which is not only believed to be one of the biggest competitions being held within the industry but is also one of the most excited esport activities so far.