Different Types Of Cat Food Can Benefit Your Cat

If you are new in the world of being a pet-owner, and you suddenly got your hands on a cat, you might be wondering: what can I feed my cat with? There are multiple options out there. You can always try feeding it some fancy food if you have the money, but most mortals like me would pick two choices: dry and wet cat food.

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, of course, but understanding both can help you make the decision. Also, each cat it’s a world of its own so you’ll have to make some effort on getting to know your little buddy to make the right dietary choices.

Let’s Talk About Dry Food

Dry sustenance is probably the most commonly used food for cats. It’s a rather standard choice considering how long it can last if you zip it the bag well enough. It’s usually way more affordable, too, and since it can last longer than canned sustenance when opened, people prefer to go for this one.

Most cats are more than satisfied with eating this type of food, and it contains high levels of carbs and proteins. Some vets have claimed that dry sustenance is also great to develop their teeth sharpness and strength, as well as mandibular performance.

But there are downsides to it, too. Senior cats and cats that have some sort of health condition may suffer from some consequences because this type of food, as the name implies, is dry. Since it only contains around 10% of water, for some pets it may be really difficult to digest.

For senior cats, it may be really difficult to deal with because of their mandibular strength, as well as their teeth’s sharpness, decreases over the years.

A cat can develop urinary and kidney problems as well as suffer from dehydration if it doesn’t drink enough water while in this type of diet.

Let’s Talk About Canned Sustenance

Now, wet cat food, on the other hand, contains up to 75% of water, which can be enough water for a cat to be more than satisfied for a whole day. They are usually pre-measured to be enough food for a cat to fill their bellies, and this type of sustenance is more friendly towards senior dogs and dogs with health conditions.

Overall, wet cat food has many advantages, but has its downsides too. The first one to mention is that this type of sustenance is way more expensive considering its content. This is the reason why most people go for dry food instead, because of its great difference between cost/content.

Canned sustenance is usually used all after being opened because it tends to get spoiled pretty easily. Some people like to save it in cold places so they last longer but some picky cats dislike eating cold things so that’s something to consider. You can always microwave it beforehand, though!

Considering how convenient the dry version is in comparison to this one, and the difference in prices, people usually go for the first one instead. I mean, having to open the can, then making sure your cat eats the whole thing because it may spoil if he doesn’t, then proceeding to save it up… It can be pretty annoying.

But What’s The Right Answer?

Well, a lot of pet owners and veterinarians have come to the same conclusion: you should feed your cat with both types of food. You see, each one has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, but their disadvantages can be easily countered if you used the other type of food as well

For example, you can give your cat wet sustenance during the night after you’ve come from work, or just before you leave, so you’ll make sure your cat is hydrated. During the day, you can leave some dry sustenance prepared for your cat to eat in case it gets hungry, and lots of water to replenish water as it digests it.

Of course, it’ll need a little bit more preparation but your cat’s health will make it worth it. Some cats are picky eaters, though, so you’ll have to get innovative and try different tricks. It’s also worth it to try different brands to check which one suits your little buddy’s taste. Once you find one that your companion likes, you should stick to it.

What About Something Homemade?

Homemade food is also an option. It’s healthy enough to give to your cat as long as you know what you are feeding it with. Here’s a little guide that can help you with it. If you decide to go for homemade food you’ll have to take in mind that you’ll spend more time preparing it and it can get frustrating along the way. You may also spend more money if you do so.

Since not everyone has the time nor the money to pick this choice, people rely on the foods mentioned before since they are the most reliable and convenient of them all. Of course, this might not be the case for certain people, and that’s okay.

You’ll have to know what you are feeding your buddy with, though. It’s absolutely important that you create a balanced diet for them, with enough proteins and carbs without surpassing the recommended daily dosage of food.

I recommend you to feed your cat during dusk and dawn since these are the time cats are more prone to be hungry and require more energy because of hunting and exercising.