Cultivating the DNA of Crime Review

We have all heard the incidents where teenagers join gangs and become part of criminal organizations. Everyone likes to condemn them, but no one bothers to wonder why they were driven to do so? Were they born this way? Probably not. There are circumstances that eventually force a person to make this decision and this is exactly what Roy Albert Andrade highlights through his book, Cultivating the DNA of Crime: A Thirteen Year Old Charismatic Genius Grooms his Criminal Organization.

It is a story about a thirteen year old boy who goes about the name of Killer and lives in a two-story house in Sylmar, California with his parents. Like other kids of his age, he watches TV and plays video games, but he is different from the others. How? Killer also works with a very high profile criminal organization. He is an asset; in simple terms, he is his name i.e. killer. He is a charismatic, intelligent and young killer. But, why is he this way? What contributed to his criminal behavior? Roy Albert Andrade answers these questions in the book.

It is a compelling read that takes you on an imaginary yet incredible journey of intrigue and crime. The writer is very descriptive and you feel as if you are right beside the teenage criminal. Even if you have little imagination, you will still find yourself falling into the depth of this book.

Mr. Andrade joined a gang at the age of 12 as he was promised protection from rival gangs and bullies. As he didn’t have a family structure, he joined one of the numerous Latino gangs in Pacoima, California that called themselves ‘families’. He was first called ‘Bandit’ by his fellow gang members, but was later given the moniker of ‘Killer’ when he carried a 22-caliber pistol. He became well-known for his gang activity, which eventually led to his arrest. He was briefly incarcerated and then exonerated. Nonetheless, he spent his time in prison by interviewing others about the crimes they had committed.

When he gained his freedom, he enrolled into school to get an education and later used the interviews taken in prison to write Cultivating the DNA of Crime in 2014. He has said that it was his personal experience and also his personal communication that was the inspiration behind this novel and he has credited his education for enabling him to develop a passion for writing and be good at it.

About Author:

Roy Albert Andrade, author of Cultivating the DNA of Crime, Virula: Renaissance Outlaw, and Virula II: The Government, was invited to the 10th anniversary of the Leimert Park Village Book Fair in Baldwin Hills, Ca. He was assigned a booth given the fact that he is a published author, and has sold thousands upon thousands of book worldwide. Roy partipated in a Community Forum on “Police Brutality and Race: How We Can Make a Difference?” at the pop-up book lounge, called “The Classroom,” located in the Bridge area of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza mall, second floor, at the Macy’s entrance. The panel discussion was moderated Barry Kilbrick of KLCS-TV (PBS) and columnist Erin Aubry Kaplan. The panel discussion will stream live on KLCS-TV. Roy was a guest speaker at the event and provided insight regarding police brutality in Pacoima, Ca.

Cultivating the DNA of Crime Review

Flo Anthony, is a syndicated celebrity radio host, columnist, featured Roy is here latest book titled, One Last Deadly Play, where he is referred to as a celebrity author. Flo was in attendance at the book signing, and shot several pictures with Roy for fans at his booth. The book signing was incredible. Roy invited some of his friends to the event, and they too, signed autographs and took pictures for fans. Sleepy Malo (rapper), and Roberto Diaz, match-maker, of Golden Boy Promotions we’re at Roy’s booth, and helped the author sell over 350 books at the event.

Here’s a link to the Amazon page of the book: Cultivating the DNA of Crime: A Thirteen Year Old Charismatic Genius Grooms his Criminal Organization