Console War Revving with Xbox One’s Hot Debut

In more than a dozen countries, gamers started snapping up the new generation Xbox One consoles on Friday as Microsoft continues to rage its battle against Sony to be at the center of Internet age home entertainment. The Xbox One consoles had been keenly-awaited and were launched in more than a dozen countries, which included Britain, Australia, Brazil and the United States as the day rose in the respective time zones. There were queues of Xbox fans outside consumer electronics shops as they wanted to be the first to get their hands on the beefed up system of Microsoft Corp that goes beyond gaming to include music, online films and social networking amongst others.

The first person in the world to own an Xbox One console was a 24-year old man in New Zealand, Dan Livingstone. He said that he would be retreating immediately for about five days in order to play with his new console. According to international time zones, the first country where the Xbox One was launched is New Zealand. Next, in the global roll out list was Australia. Xbox One turned green because of the distinctive Sydney Tower and the midnight launch was marked by a 3D projector that beamed onto the water beneath the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

People were also eager in California to get their own console. According to awaiting customers, the Xbox One is a major upgrade as compared to previous consoles and they had the proper equipment to make the best use of the new features offered by the new consoles. Last week, it was Sony that had unleashed its new champion in the long running console battle and had managed to get a slight jump on Microsoft moving towards the prime holiday shopping season. Apart from that, successor of the Xbox 360, the top-selling console in North America, the Xbox One has debuted at a price of $500 while the PlayStation 4 offered by Sony carries a price of $400.

According to Sony Corp, the company had managed to sell about one million of its consoles within 24 hours of the release of the PS4 on November 15th. Analysts have said that it cannot be stated as yet which console is more popular, but it was noted that the lower price tag would definitely work in favor of the PlayStation 4. Furthermore, an analyst at Gartner had also said that if history was to be considered, it could be said that Sony had always been the top choice for core gamers. Nonetheless, there is nothing that can be seen up till now, which says that one platform has advantage over the other.

Upgrades can be found in both consoles, which offer even more immersive gameplay with richer graphics as compared to their predecessors. There has also been improvement in the social features of online gaming as well as the ability of players to share with friends. The Xbox One has been touted by Microsoft as a home entertainment hub because it goes far beyond games.