Consider These 7 Pointers While Creating Your Google+ Business Page

Google offers different pages for different tasks. Prominent among them are Google+ Places and Google+ Local, both of which incidentally help businesses immensely. However, the fine line between the goals that these pages accomplish has turned online marketers a little tizzy. Pursuing with a wrong page could defeat the entire task of online marketing and branding. The confusion is further enhanced while creating these pages because of similar data input.

If chosen correctly the impact of these pages can be seen in three areas; Google Maps, Google+ and Google organic search. It therefore becomes imperative for every business, at least in today’s times to exploit these pages and keep the competition warm. Ignoring will simply mean loss of business and weakening brand image.

#1 – Create Your Page

You need to create business page and make sure you fill in all the details correctly, and in the most compelling words. These words are your hooks or text which customers/buyers typically use in their search phrase. You also need to select the right category. Any compromise here would simply mean low engagement quotient and equally dismal conversions.

Some of the other crucial parameters which need thoughtful input are; company name, website URL, etc.  Remember Google+ is a social network and quite different from Google places for Business. The difference is in terms of social components such as circle, hangout, and +1’s.

As mentioned about, if harnessed effectively it can lead to higher page rank for your content pages and website too. This page can further be glamorised and turned engaging via captivating banner image. If you are a celebrity, linking with your website will enhance your influence further and you also get an “authenticity verified” tick mark next to profile name.

2# – Add Posts, Videos and Photos

Now that you have created a business page and added an attractive banner image, the next obvious step would be to promote your page. Hold on! Not so soon. To promote your page you need some engaging content. Google+ provides multiple tools to deck up your page. Add compelling posts, typically targeted for the locals, add images and videos for further exploration.

All these elements make sure your customers have enough information or assets which they can share with other entities. Regular updates will force relevant business entities to add your page to their circle. In case you find a local business page which specialises in your niche, simply add it to your circle. Engagement is the key here. Higher engagement factor simply means better exposure for your business page.

#3 – People Engagement via Reviews

The reviews tab of Google+ business page is a powerful tool which can be exploited to fetch better page rank and thereby beat the competition. Companies should make it a habit to ask for reviews, maybe entice customers, business associates with rewards. The fact is reviews are respected by Google and people who read them. This is especially true on a local platform. Irrespective of the tone of reviews, this kind of engagement definitely helps local businesses. Of course a positive review catapults rank, brand and business to newer levels.

#4 – Be Innovative and Creative

Innovation typically means exploiting existing tools for maximum returns. For example you can post your blog text in the update section and also the URL for the said article. This generates lots of interest. Make sure you offer intriguing write-ups, thought provoking images and compelling videos which are informative in nature.

Once in a while post something which brings a smile on the faces of your customers, or those having you in their circle. Offer regular updates, links to relevant and similar resources, and see growth in terms of increase in the number of people who add you to their circle.

#5 – Spread the Word

Publicise your Google+ business page. Make sure you add it to your website header/footer and social media pages as well. This typically means your dedicated and loyal customers instantly discover the badge and hopefully will click on the +1 button. +1’s make a big difference. It tells Google about your authority or popularity in your niche. It also means people can simply add you to their circle without the need to shuffle or move back and forth between your site and Google.

If you think all this is tedious, exploit several free widgets which do the same job with minimum of fuss. Whatever option you choose you need to understand one thing; popularising will simply improve your position in Google search.

#6 – Need Further Page Boost?

If you are a company with a large employee base you can simply ask them to create a Google+ profile and link back. This could be in the form of URL in the “About” tab or sharing company updates regularly. Don’t be surprised if your site experiences a spike in traffic or increase in the number of people who add your page to their circle. Whatever the outcome your business page will definitely get the required boost.

#7 – Use Hashtags and Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags can be a boon for marketers and Google+ business page owners. While sharing or updating a post simply use the trending phrase or words in your content and rest assured it will be found quickly. By using trending hashtags or building post around it you are exploiting readymade audience and increasing engagement without much effort.