Common Myths Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Most theories of Human Resource Management (HRM) in a headhunting firm mainly focus on various methods of recruitment and emphasize the rewards of interviews and general evaluation. The recruitment process can be internal or external, and involves different stages of recruitment policies, job advertising and job description, employment application process, conducting interviews, employee evaluation, decision making, final hiring, and training.

When it comes to using Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions, there are lots of myths that tend to prevail throughout the industry. Given that it is a dynamic and rapidly growing business, offering tailor-made solutions to the clients; it is likely to encounter a range of misconceptions and challenges. And this is really unfortunate that many organizations block their hunt of a good Recruitment Process Outsourcing company and avoid taking help from them because of believing on these myths

Here are some of the common myths that are likely to get in your way of finding a right recruitment process.

No Direct Control

The hiring process is considered to be one of the most important operations for any company. Another important factor is having control over the process. Most people believe that outsourcing the recruitment process to a RPO firm does not let you have full control over the hiring process. The fact, however, is totally opposite. Even though you have assigned your recruitment process to another organization, you still have the control and power to streamline the entire procedure. However, it is highly crucial to choose the right RPO provider in order to continue the right level of control over the process.

It Requires Heavy Investment

Another most widely established myth is that Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an expensive option. Quite the opposite of this misconception, hiring a right provider is handy to lower recruitment cost by minimizing the hiring time and speeding up the sourcing period. They also assist in finding the right applicants for the vacant positions in order to let you avoid the hassle of going through unnecessary job application. In short, a right RPO provider reduces your employee turnover and improves the overall process. They not only offer economical price but also make a real value for the money spent.

Only Large Organizations Can Use RPO Solutions

Since RPO is believed to be costly, most people think that only large companies can avail its benefits. One of the reasons why a RPO provider should be hired is that they offer customized services to meet the requirements of different clients. In other words, anyone in the business can avail the rewards of Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution depending on their budget and requirement of this demography.

It is a Risky Option

Some companies often think that recruitment process outsourcing is a win-lose situation where the RPO provider wins the profit and a business loses their investment. As a matter of fact, a good firm provides you some of the best strategically designed solutions that can be effectively applied to help your company and applicants in good manner. Thus, it offers a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process and helps you build a positive reputation of your business.