When you are dressing up to go out, your dress isn’t the most important thing. Your makeup helps you in polishing your face and gives it an attractive look. Eye shadow is an essential part of your makeup because it enhances the eye and makes them stand out. However, one needs to select the eye shade according to the color of the eye. Choosing the right eye shadow that goes well with your eyes can often turn out to be a project of art. A color wheel can often be used for this purpose as it’s quite simple to use. You have to locate your eye shade on the color wheel and select the shade directly across from it.

This will be the complimentary color that will do wonders for your eyes. Professionals, on the other hand, learn to select the color after experimenting. Here are some eye shades that can work with eyes of different color:

Blue Eyes

Because it is a naturally cool tone, warmer shades tend to work well for blue as they set this color of iris ablaze. Tawnier pigments aren’t necessary. Instead, women can use slate, gray-brown and even silvery blues. It is possible to use eggplant on navy blue eyes. However, keep in mind that too much eye shade on the eye isn’t good because it will distract people from the actual beauty of it. The ideal colors for blue eyes include gold, peach, champagne, bronze, yellow-beige and copper.
For an everyday look with blue eyes, it is best to keep it subtle and add only a little sparkle. When going for an unexpected and different look, try orange. This shade might not immediately come to mind when thinking of the iris shade, but pale orange will make the eyes pop and looks very pretty.

Brown Eyes

The widest range of options is available to women in terms of eye shadow if their eyes are brown. This is because in contrast to other eye hues, brown doesn’t compete with colors and remains neutral. Peach and warm bronze can give a toned-down look while teal or purple shadows can help brown eyes pop. The ideal color for brown eyes includes navy, green, teal, purple and bronze.

Green Eyes

The most beautiful shade for green eyes is some variation of purple. If violet is not a preferred color, one can also use shades of brown that carry a reddish tone. They aren’t too distracting, but can make the eyes pop as well. Pink, rust, sepia and purple are the ideal colors for green eyes.

Hazel Eyes

A range of tones can be found in hazel eyes; they have both brown and green shades and some even have flecks of gray or gold in them. They have a natural radiance and this innate spectrum of colors enables people to experiment with various shades for playing up hazel eyes. Plum, violet and lavender can pick up the hues perfectly. Pale gold should be avoided. Yellow-brown, deep purple, burgundy, dusty pink and gray are the recommended colors for these eyes.