Choosing the Best Sunglasses for your Face

Sunglasses are one of the most popular fashion accessory that’s used by people these days. They keep your eyes safe from the blinding and harsh rays of the sun and also add a touch of style to your appearance. However, that can only happen when you choose the right pair of sunglasses to go with your outfit. This doesn’t mean the right brand or color; it refers to sunglasses that are best suited to the shape of your face. Therefore, when shopping for best sunglasses, the first thing that people have to do is to use a mirror for determining their facial shape. Is it round, diamond, oval, square, oblong, triangle or a heart?

Sometimes it is difficult to fit your face into one particular shape. You can ask a friend for assistance or use your best discretion. Below are the best sunglasses recommendation according to facial type:

  • Oval Face

This type of face can work with any shape or style of sunglasses because it is a balanced face shape. However, the size of the face should be given some thought during frame selection. Use smaller frames for small faces and bigger ones for big faces.

  • Round Face

In the case of a round face, the aim is to avoid adding even more width to your face such as frameless frames or even round ones. It is best to opt for frames that have a length equal to or a little wider than the broadest portion of your face. Typically, square-shaped or rectangular frames are ideal because they aid the face in looking thinner and longer.

  • Diamond Face

Sunglasses that maintain the balance on the face and also accentuate the cheekbones are the ones that will work best with a diamond shaped face. Cat’s eye and rimless styles would work great on such a face.

  • Square Face

As they are very angular, people should choose those sunglasses for a square faces that can soften the angles. Features can be narrowed and softened on a square face by opting for rimless, cat’s eye or round sunglasses.

  • Oblong Face

An oblong face isn’t as wide as it is longer. In order to balance out the face, people with an oblong shape should go for sunglasses that add with to it. Broad-shaped glasses work best in this case.

  • Heart Face

The beauty of heart-shaped faces is that they are narrow at the bottom and broader at the top. Bottom-heavy sunglasses should be chosen for such faces because they direct attention to the lower half of the face and also subtly add width to it, as desired.

  • Triangular Face

While this facial shape is rare, it does exist. The best way to enhance it is to go for aviators, cat’s eye or even butterfly frames. People can also choose sunglasses whose frame bottoms angle a bit inwards.

Depending on the facial shape you have, you can consider the type of sunglasses mentioned above and choose one that will enhance your face in the best possible way.