While Olympic Games are always the centre of attraction after every 4 years and the biggest event on planet earth for many types of sports, there are moments in every Olympics that are not very happy or amusing. Sometimes the sorrows come from a broken winning streak of the most famous player and sometimes careers end due to detrimental injuries. Amidst these things, some illegal and unlawful activities from some players who are may be not serious with their careers also become the sources of disappointment for many fans. However, sometimes the allegations made by officials taking care of Olympics are not true. They can be hurting for the players if they are not involved in any illegal activity but are accused of doing so.

One such example in Olympic Games 2012 is the Ye Shiwen from China who is a young prodigy of 16 years competing in swimming competitions. She has done something in Olympic Games 2012 that has raised doubts in the mind of many Olympics officials about her performance. Though the allegations and whispers from various corners have not been authenticated yet, but they have surely affected the image of a nation, the player and the country. So what is it that has made many officials suspicious about Shiwen’s performance? This young prodigy has already claimed two gold medals in 200 meters and 400 meters individual medley. Most of the questions were raised by the officials and experts when Ye Shiwen swam the last lap of her 400 meters individual medley.

Men’s gold medalist named Ryan Lochte’s name has been repeatedly mentioned while accusations were made on Ye Shiwen and it has been stated over and over again that she swam faster than men’s gold medalist in the last lap of the 400 meter race. Chinese officials and the player herself have shown disagreement and anger to the accusations made by Olympics officials. There is a mixed response from around the world about her performance and while on one hand there are whispers of Ye Shiwen using banned drugs, on the other hand people are supporting her and wishing her best of luck for the coming feats. Looking at the medals table, China is leading with the number of gold medals and right below China is USA. The controversy about Ye Shiwen’s use of performance enhancement drugs can take many turns and some people might just say that it is a way to bring China’s ranking down. What’s the reality, we don’t know yet. Let’s go with “innocent until proven guilty” for now.

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