In modern age, all the youngsters are fond of chicken made dishes. That’s why, they are called chicken lovers. Whenever you visit a restaurant for dinner and lunch and ask for the menu, they offer you a card that consists of plenty of chicken headed cuisines. Usually, people do not like vegetables and lentils much. So, nothing much is left to eat except chicken. No doubt, chicken is healthy food and it is rich in proteins. It is considered one of those foods and dishes that can be cooked easily in no time. Sometimes, it happens, suddenly some guests visit you home without any prior notification and you do not have enough time to serve them some yummy and tasty dishes. In such a situation, chicken is the only thing that you can experiment with and can cook some delicious dishes in few minutes. You can surprise them with your great cooking skills. There are many ways and recipes to cook chicken. Obviously, if you will prepare chicken with same method every day, you will feel monotony and you will ask for different flavors and taste. You can cook soups, roasts and different kind of curries with the help of chicken.

Now, you can enjoy a new dish on each day. Chicken coconut is such a delightful dish that will make you addicted and you would like to have it time and again. Here’s the recipe of this creamy dish.

1. 2 pound boneless chicken breast in two pieces
2. 1 teaspoon of garlic paste
3. Half teaspoon of cumin powder
4. 1 table spoon of vinegar
5. Olive oil 4 table spoons
6. Flour 1 table spoon
7. 2 cloves of chopped garlic
8. Properly minced ¾ cups of white onion
9. 1 cane of coconut milk
10. 1 red bell pepper
11. Salon Goya seasoning one packet

Preparation Method:

Firstly, you have to cut the chicken breasts in the form of thin pieces horizontally with the help of sharp knife. Then use olive oil and vinegar to soak the chicken slices properly. Put the chicken in a bowl, add garlic salt, half teaspoon of cumin powder and ground black pepper. It should be marinated for an hour or overnight.
Then put a frying pan on a medium flame. Place the marinated chicken in the pan and fry it and when one side gets golden brown, turn the other side. After this, take out the chicken in a plate and keep that plate on your kitchen’s shelf.

Now add red pepper, garlic and minced onion in the pan. Add some vegetables in Sazon Goya seasoning and mix it properly unless the vegetables are tender. Whip flour into coconut milk and stir it properly and add it in the frying pan. Now put the chicken in the pan and cover it with a lid. Its cooking time is only 15 minutes. Do not overcook the chicken. It will spoil the taste. You can serve this palatable chicken coconut with rice too.