Discovering Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is a small city located in Argentina, four hours away from Buenos Aires City. It’s the second largest city of Buenos Aires Province and the 7th largest city in Argentina, having 614,350 habitants according to the 2010 census. When it’s summer, its population may increase about 311%....
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Eastern Europe

Take a Trip Into the History By Visiting Istanbul

Visiting Istanbul is a dream of many and that’s because this city is where reality shocks the imagination of most travelers. It’s a place of clear light and sweet air. Some most prominent places of Istanbul for tourists, places without which Istanbul tour is nonetheless complete, are Aya Sofya (Haga Sophia), The Blue Mosque (Sultan ...
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Economical Hotels in Paris

Paris is referred the luxury kingdom of the world. Nobody knows class better the Parisians. For a tourist with a hop for a flavor of luxurious, there are many resorts to select from within Paris. This information will discuss the very best luxurious hotels in Paris. The Paris is one of the very romantic cities ...
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