Nokia and Samsung Extend Patent Agreement

A number of people had been wondering about the patent agreement between Nokia and Samsung that was about to expire. There was considerable speculation about whether the deal would continue or ended once and for all. However, it seems that the two technology companies have decided to carry on the mutually benefiting agreement. It was announced by the Finnish phone…...
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Plunging Sales Cause Net Loss in Q3 For Nokia

The handset division of Nokia Corp may have been sold to Microsoft Corp, but that’s not helping it stop the sales plunge. The company was forced to report a loss in the third quarter, but there was a surge in the share price because the company had given a positive outlook regarding the continuing operations, especially the networks unit. Last…...
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Google and Nokia Both Goof Up and Leak Info

While strategic leaks are part of every company’s strategy for enticing and exciting customers, sometimes leaks can also occur because of mistakes. That seems to be the case with two notable companies in the information technology market, i.e. Google and Nokia. In what could be the worst leak that has ever been made by Google, it accidentally listed the heavily…...
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