iPhone Labeled A Security Threat by China

On Friday, an influential state broadcaster of China declared that a location-tracking function in the iPhone that’s offered by Apple Inc. is a major national security concern. This is just another backlash in China regarding US technology firms. China Central Television, which is run by the state, targeted the function of ‘frequent locations’ that’s offered ...
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Smartphones and Tablets

Why Microsoft Should Launch Office for iPad

It may turn out to be one of the biggest squandered opportunities of Microsoft Corp. Tired of waiting for Office to be updated and optimized for their mobile devices, a rising contingent of younger companies are switching to simpler, cheaper and touch-friendly applications that can easily perform word processing and similar tasks within the cloud. ...
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Samsung Reigns in the Theatrics for Galaxy S5

A lot of singing and dancing should not be expected when Samsung Electronics, the South Korean manufacturer, currently dominating the smartphone market, finally introduces the next generation of its flagship smartphone this month, the Galaxy S5. It was last year in March when Samsung showed off its current flagships smartphone titled the Galaxy S4 in ...
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